Baku, the main city of Azerbaijan, is among the untouched places having a culture mixture of East and West. The great architecture of historic and modern structures will take your breath away. It is probably the top holiday destinations for historic importance. Because of substantial oil deposits, the town has proven tremendous development.

It’s also a place of interest for worldwide students because of world-class educational institutes. Employment possibilities can also be found. We’ve collected some good info through authentic sources to help you about visa for Baku.

Just how much is really a visa for Baku?

The price for any visa depends upon the mode you need to obtain a visa through. Obtaining a visa with the traditional way, i.e., by contacting the consulate will set you back more when compared with e-visa. The believed visa cost to get a visa with the embassy is all about $358 for multiple entry visa and $ 22 for any single entry. You are able to stay for thirty days having a visa permit of 3 months. This visa price is for just about any purpose you need to visit.

There is also e-visa with affordable charges, i.e., the service charge for any visa is $20 while visa costs only $25. So if you’re resident of Japan and Poultry, you don&#8217t have to pay any charges for visa processing. E-visa is definitely an affordable and fast way to get a visa. You don&#8217t have to wait much, and also the visa can arrive within 2 to 3 business days.

If you possess the interest to participate some college or college at Baku, you have to obtain a student visa. For brief term student visa, the charge is $100, along with a lengthy duration visa fee is all about $200.

Regardless if you are trying to get a piece visa, medical visa, or business travel, the price for visa fee and processing fee is just like pointed out above.

Can One obtain a visa at Baku airport terminal?

Visa on arrival is really a short duration visa which enables the visa holder in which to stay the host country for optimum 3 months and minimum 15 days. The majority of the countries offer visa on arrival services with other states with partners. Azerbaijan has began a visa on arrival services for countries with strong diplomatic relation. So, if you’re resident of among the countries pointed out below, you will get the visa at Baku airport terminal. These countries are

Bahrain, China (including Hong Kong and Macau), Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Japan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Poultry, Iran, Uae, and also the U . s . States. You’re going to get a permit to remain for thirty days in Baku in the airport terminal. But, should you fit in with Iran, you may get a stay permit of 15 days only. As well as for Americans, they have to fly by only Azerbaijan airlines direct from NewYork to Azerbaijan.

For Visa information and applying procedure, you are able to contact IAVISA.

Is Baku visa on arrival?

Baku may be the capital of Azerbaijan. All of the rules produced by Azerbaijan on visa services are relevant on Baku too. As pointed out above should you fit in with the countries above, you can aquire a visa on arrival for Baku.

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