The Pyramids of Giza in Egypt

Published: 10/5/2019 October fifth, 2019

Egypt is a nation that tops the bucket-list country for a lot of travelers. It&#8217s a rustic full of incredible relics of ancient history, in the Pyramids and Great Sphinx of Giza, while offering a lot of incredible activities for travelers of walks of existence. Floating lower the Earth River on the traditional felucca, going through the tombs of Tutankhamen along with other pharaohs within the Valley from the Nobleman, snorkeling and getting started the barrier fantasyland from the Red Ocean — there&#8217s so many amazing areas of Egypt to amaze and enthrall you.

Nowadays, Egypt is really a destination many travelers be put off by. Considering that there has been some terrorist attacks targeting vacationers during the last handful of decades which individuals are still cautious about the alterations in government because the Arab Spring, individuals concerns are understandable.

However, since 2017, tourism figures have started to increase again. Actually, they’re growing so quick they may hit an exciting-time record in 2019 or 2020.

Everything has been altering for that better in Egypt also it&#8217s now a secure country to go to for that smart traveler. Which means it&#8217s time for you to start planning the ideal visit to this different and historic country.

While I’m a huge fan of solo travel, distances between typically the most popular sights in Egypt are pretty far. You will probably spend a complete night or day traveling by road or rail between Cairo and Luxor, for instance, so joining a structured tour will help you take full advantage of your time and effort.

Also it can also help you save some cash, too!

Tours in Egypt frequently end up being less expensive than trying to construct your personal trip as many will include domestic airfare for prices less expensive than you&#8217ll be capable of getting by yourself.

Going for a tour having a trustworthy company also helps to ensure that you’ll have safe detours with somebody that can tell the lay from the land and can help you stay informed associated with a risks. Knowledgeable guides also alllow for a far more interesting trip — and that’s why tours in Egypt are extremely popular.

This is a list of the greatest tour companies in Egypt, offering from day journeys around Cairo to multiday tours round the country:

1. Smart

Smart is among my personal favorite tour companies on the planet.

I&#8217ve been in a number of their tours through the years to destinations all across the globe and haven’t yet been disappointed. Their local guides provide invaluable insight and they’re focused on making eco-friendly choices too.

And the organization just hires really awesome people too.

In Egypt, Smart has tours that range from eight and 15 days. So that you can see enough in only eight days, they fly you between Cairo and also the south, therefore the cheaper trip is really the 15-the first day, which utilizes a mixture of bus, boat, and train travel, beginning around $1,200 USD. Smart also offers some specialized choices, having a nine-excursion for travelers aged 18–29, journeys specifically for families, as well as one only for solo travelers.

If you are keen to understand more about beyond Egypt, Smart also provides a variety of longer tours that consume Jordan, Israel, and Palestine too.

Like a readers of the site, there is also use of exclusive deals and purchasers so click to their website and find out what tours take presctiption purchase now!

2. Memphis Tours

Among the first tour companies in Egypt, Memphis Tours has been available since 1955. It provides a lot of tours &#8211 from half- or full-day tours in Cairo or Alexandria to snorkeling or camel-riding journeys from resort destinations like Sharm el-Sheikh, varying between $35 and $90 USD per person.

Additionally they offer an array of cruises both around the Earth as well as on Lake Nasser. The most popular Luxor-to-Aswan trip across the Earth can be created in a number of pretty luxurious ships costs are around $500 USD per person for any four-excursion.

Memphis Tours offer fully organized multi-day journeys that last between 3–15 days. A number of these eat the key sights, such as the Pyramids, a Earth cruise, and also the Luxor and Karnak Temples, and frequently fly you to Cairo. The expense vary with respect to the extra activities involved but they are pretty reasonable: select few tours since the primary sights from Cairo to Luxor start at $1,100 USD. Additionally they offer some specialized tours, for example one particularly made to accommodate motorized wheel chair users.

3. Take a look at Egypt Tours

Take a look at Egypt Tours is yet another company that provides both day and multiday tours. It focuses on getting knowledgeable guides which make a brief history of Egypt really come to life, giving incredible understanding of modern-day Egyptian existence too.

The organization also offers a feeling of social responsibility too, using in your area owned restaurants and hotels on all journeys and hiring guides from communities through the country.

Take a look at Egypt Tours runs a number of day journeys from the primary centers, including Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, and Sharm el-Sheikh, varying on price between $50 and $150 USD per person, with respect to the destination and also the group size.

Multi-day tours include several options too these last around 8–10 days and price between $1,500 and $2,000 USD. There’s also some specialized journeys, just like a two-week archaeological tour, the right option for any history buffs (or Indiana Johnson fans!).

4. On the run Tours

On the run Tours continues to be running tours to a number of countries for a few decades now, however it all began in Egypt, in which the two founders met. The organization concentrates on sustainable travel and supports local neighborhoods, also it hires local guides who’ve studied Egyptology in a college level too.

In Egypt, they run several great-value group tours, as an eight-excursion from Cairo to Luxor for $400 USD, including the Pyramids of Giza, the incredible Egyptian Museum in Cairo, the temples at Luxor, a 2-night felucca cruise around the Earth, a vacation to the Valley from the Nobleman, and much more. Accommodations tend to be more budget-oriented than a number of other tour companies, causeing this to be an excellent choice for backpackers.

In case your timing and budget tend to be more flexible, you could also check out a number of Around the Go’s festival tours, timed to celebrations such as the Abu Simbel Sun Festival or even the King Ramses Sun Festival. These tours are usually around 10 days lengthy and range from $1,600 and $2,800 USD per person, based on whether or not they include internal flights.

5. Jakada Tours Egypt

Jakada Tours is really a smaller sized company that provides private tours in addition to group journeys having a concentrate on budget mid-range travel.

Journeys covering a lot of Egypt’s highlights and lasting between seven and 10 days vary from $600 to $1,000 USD. If you are in your second visit to Egypt and have some additional time, Jakada also provides a variety of more unusual tours, like spending some time in the Cairo camel market!

The organization also ensures its guides are actually knowledgeable, not only about ancient history but modern Egyptian culture too, in addition to best wishes local tips and methods that will help you make the most from your stay.

6. Exodus Travels

Exodus offers journeys worldwide and it has a trustworthy social conscience they try to hand back towards the local neighborhoods they’re part of. In Egypt, they support Pet Care in Egypt (ACE), and it is tours frequently have an choice to go to the charity’s facility.

Exodus provides a nine-day Earth cruise from Luxor, that is a good compromise between luxury and cost (around $1,400 USD per person, all-inclusive), with no more than 20 passengers. The organization also offers an extended trip that can take in key sights such as the Valley from the Nobleman in addition to Alexandria this two-week tour starts at $2,000 USD.

7. Past the Earth Tours

Past the Earth Tours is yet another Egypt-based tour company using local, highly educated guides with a lot of historic and cultural understanding. It provides three tours, varying between eight days and 2 days long on these, you may be flexible together with your budget, as some activities, just like a balloon ride within the Pyramids ($100 USD), are optional.

Each one of these tours start in Cairo having a full day exploring what we should all imagine seeing — the Pyramids of Giza and also the Sphnix — combined with the Egyptian Museum to place a brief history into context. Then you’re traveled lower to Luxor and cruise after that towards the Valley from the Nobleman, among other areas. Around the longer journeys, you may choose to visit back north more gradually, or include a few days relaxing in a Red Ocean resort. Tour prices vary from $1,200 to $1,400 USD per person, with a few additional costs for added activities.


Around I really like solo travel, traveling to Egypt is a lot simpler having a tour company. When you most likely know that you would like to determine the Pyramids, the Earth, along with other historic sites, making your way around isn’t that simple to organize ahead of time, so it’s good to achieve the local understanding of Egyptian guides to make certain you’re both safe and becoming the most from your vacation.

So whether you’re following a short tour striking the popular features of Egypt per week and have additional time look around the country a bit more gradually or perhaps spend time relaxing in the Red Ocean, you’ll look for a tour company to assist you.

Book Your Vacation: Logistical Tips and Methods

Book Your Flight

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Book The Resort

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Don&#8217t Forget Travel Cover

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  • World Nomads (for everybody below 70)
  • Insure My Trip (for individuals over 70)

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