A sailing holiday around the Amalfi Coast and also the Flegrean Islands, using the Charter may be the safe rental formula. appropriate for categories of buddies who wish to to take pleasure from the famous and lively resorts of Positano and Capri, but additionally to families with children who wish to spend wonderful days around the sunny and calm bays of Ischia and Procida to couples who would like romantic places and magical moments that just the Amalfi Coast can provide. A cruise created for different needs, that will allow our visitors to go to the most amazing and famous areas around the globe in a couple of miles. To employ a rental boat in Amalfi coast you are able to choose the best prices here.

Per week we’ll touch probably the most famous places within the Mediterranean, the Amalfi Coast, the Flegrean Islands and also the Pontine Islands on the sailing boat. It’s a week that belongs to a long sailing school itinerary we’ve planned for spring, and it is therefore designed both like a week of learning &#8211 between moorings, anchorages, islands to become circumnavigated and routes of the couple of many miles to sail &#8211 which like a week of travel and vacation &#8211 filled with islands to uncover and landscapes that seen in the ocean are unparalleled.

The itinerary each week to uncover the Amalfi Coast and also the Pontine Islands on the sailing boat that people describe here is, of course, a tough itinerary, the ocean and also the wind will choose which stops we’ll take and which route we’ll follow. The ports of embarkation and disembarkation we have selected, Salerno and Gaeta, can be simply arrived at by train.

Embarkation in Salerno

Saturday mid-day, showed up in Salerno, you’ll find Freya awaiting you. The night is going to be focused on understanding another fellow travelers and also to understand the boat. Briefings begin, study regarding them and also the route and also the consultation of weather maps to create a maximum navigation program.

The entire program from the topics tackled within the days of sailing school and marine practice


Sunday morning more applied theory &#8211 onboard instrumentation, equipment control and safety briefing &#8211 before quitting the moorings using the bow on Capri. An outing of approximately 30 miles which will take us along probably the most evocative landscapes from the Mediterranean, those of the Amalfi Coast &#8211 Ravello, Amalfi, Positano &#8211 before reaching Capri, the very first from the Flegrean Islands.


The direct route from Capri to Procida is all about 15/20 miles, using the possibility, if wind and ocean are benevolent, of sailing within the Gulf of Naples. Procida is really a typical fishing village, with colorful houses along with a small port just beneath the village and wide shafts sheltered through the Mistral.it certainly worthd a trip.

The charge doesn’t include

Transport back and forth from the ports of embarkation, meals, the expense of docking and overnight within the ports where needed, resources of water and fuel whose cost varies with respect to the composition from the group and the existence of wind for sailing.


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