A long-exposure shot of the hectic streets of Bangkok, Thailand at night

Updated: 8/4/2019 August fourth, 2019 (Orignally published this year)

Whenever you travel as a living, you receive requested lots of questions while you bounce in one hostel to a different. The very best one: what&#8217s your preferred country?

The 2nd most requested question: what&#8217s your preferred city?

I&#8217ve spent a lengthy time traveling the planet and also have visited hundreds upon countless metropolitan areas on the planet. There are plenty of which i passion for a variety of reasons &#8211 some for art, some for history, some for that food, most for anyone.

But, in my experience, those that stick out probably the most are the type where Personally i think most in your own home. They’re places I visit and feel connected too. Their energy and my energy match. I move about all of them with ease, Personally i think at one using the culture, and tempo from the city.

I believe to myself &#8220Yeah, I possibly could live here.&#8221 Not only visit but live.

And, after i believe that, i then know I&#8217ve found a unique place.

What are my personal favorite metropolitan areas on the planet? Where would be the places Personally i think this way? They’re here:

My 12 Favorite Metropolitan areas

  1. Amsterdam
  2. Paris
  3. Bangkok
  4. Stockholm
  5. New You are able to City
  6. Chicago
  7. Vancouver
  8. Queenstown
  9. Perth
  10. Hong Kong
  11. London
  12. Reykjavik


1. Amsterdam

The historic buildings of Amsterdam that line the narrow canal

I can’t say exactly the number of occasions I’ve visited Amsterdam, but it’s within the double digits. And, for any brief time in the finish of 2006, I resided there like a professional poker player (Seriously. It&#8217s one of the most interesting random details about me!).

The short-paced existence, friendly locals, easy accessibility remainder of Europe, attractive canals, and great architecture keep me returning. Plus, it being Amsterdam and all sorts of, you will find loads of weird and cool items to do and see in the room!

Somewhat, Amsterdam jogs my memory of my hometown of Boston, which can be why I really like it a lot. The brick structures, fast-moving people, austere vibe. It seems like home.

Favorite activity: Boating with the canals with buddies.

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2. Paris

A Eiffel Tower on a bright, sunny day in Paris, France

Since I walked on the Champs Elysées, I understood Paris was it. It had been everything I imagined it might be I had been for each other in the first moment. Sure, Paris is big and costly and full of vacationers. What big city isn’t like this?

Paris is gorgeous, vibrant, and full of great food and history. Being here’s like finding yourself in a genuine-existence romantic comedy. I really like the town a lot I even moved there for any good slice of 2019. It truly does meet all of the hype, particularly when you escape from the tourist areas and in to the local places more.

Favorite activity: Obtaining good quality food in the market and getting an open-air picnic.

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3. Bangkok

An up-close shot of the tuk-tuks in Bangkok, surrounded by bright neon lights at night

I hated Bangkok the very first couple of occasions I traveled there. It had been just a dirty, polluted city without any redeeming characteristics. It was not until I moved there which i fell deeply in love with it.

Bangkok, as it happens, is a straightforward city to reside in — there’s lots to complete, lots of occasions, great bars, wonderful food (nothing can beat Thai street food), and much more wonderful people. It&#8217s only a bad tourist city. There&#8217s simply not a great deal to do there for any tourist. It&#8217s a town you reside in.

Residing in Bangkok demonstrated me that appears could be deceiving which there’s more to some city than a specific item at first glance. You need to simply be prepared to appear just a little much deeper.

And, whenever you do, you usually find something.

Favorite activity: Live music at Brick Bar or eating noodles in a street stall.

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4. Stockholm

A beautiful picture of the Stockholm skyline and waters at sunset in Sweden

I’ve got a strong interest in everything Scandinavian, and Stockholm isn’t any exception. I’ve had the experience a number of occasions through the years, and that i even attempted to maneuver there years back (it didn&#8217t exercise).

I believe this city is among the most breathtaking I’ve ever seen. The reds and vegetables from the structures come with an ” Old World ” charm that rivals metropolitan areas like Prague, and through the autumn, the altering leaves only highlight that beauty.

Stockholm can also be very historic, with a top quality of existence, and also the Swedes within the city are super friendly and welcoming. It&#8217s not really a cheap city to go to, however it&#8217s worth every cent!

Favorite activity: Becoming lost within the maze of historic roads in Gamla Stan.

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5. New You are able to City

The busy skyline of New York City on a sunny summer day

New You are able to City is really a place where dreams are created into reality and there’s always something to complete, something to determine, or perhaps a new spot to eat. The town is really multicultural that whenever Personally i think like I have to travel however i can’t, there’s an ethnic part of the city which will produce my fix.

I really like New york city. It’s the heart around the globe in my experience. It’s a non-stop place in which you come to really make it on the planet. You could find something to complete, world-class food, individuals from all walks of existence, and merely a hustler vibe.

I spent near to 5 years living there and visit at least one time per month (after i can).

It’s the city the thing is within the movies.

Favorite activity: Walking our prime Line and cool down with drinks in the Gray Mare. (Tell Marcos I only say hi!)

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6. Chicago

Tourists and locals looking at the famous art and architecture of Chicago, USA

After New york city, Chicago is most likely my personal favorite US city, mainly in the summer time time.

As the winter several weeks here could be brutal, this lakeside city appears arrive at existence after it emerges from the lengthy and cold winter. And its lively atmosphere, the meals here’s scrumptious and also the architecture is first rate. There&#8217s an exciting energy throughout the summertime as everybody has gone out within the parks, cafes, rooftop bars, around the lake, and watching the Cubs.

Chicago is simply awesome.

Favorite activity: Seeing a Cubs game!

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7. Vancouver

The stunning skyline of Vancouver, Canada and its reflection in the water

I believe this should be probably the most livable metropolitan areas on the planet. I’d certainly reside in it, that is my benchmark for whether I like a location. In Vancouver, you are able to move from the town in to the mountain tops within a few minutes. I believe that is usually the highlight from the city for me personally — the proven fact that I do not need to go far to get along with nature.

Not just can there be incredible nature nearby but there is a park just too large in the center of the town, I frequently seem like I’m in the heart of a forest. Include an exciting food and art scene, and Vancouver is certainly a global-class city. It&#8217s not really a cheap city to reside in, however that&#8217s the cost for the wonderful things Vancouver provides!

Favorite activity: Chilling out on Granville Island or travelling Stanley Park.

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8. Queenstown

The rolling and rugged mountains of Queenstown, New Zealand

Perched on the lake within the stunning South Island mountain tops of recent Zealand, Queenstown is really a high-energy resort town for adventurers. This isn&#8217t your typical city, as travelers come here because they would like to be outdoors. There’s bungy jumping, hiking, rafting, zip-lining, boating, and tons more. It&#8217s a paradise for that outdoorsy type and also the perfect city for those who don&#8217t like big, crowded metropolitan areas.

The town and area are postcard-perfect (similar to all of those other country! I’d hop on an airplane and mind back there at this time basically could.

Favorite activity: Hiking the nearby mountain tops.

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9. Perth

The skyline of Perth, Australia lit up at night

Perth, Australia, is much more just like a big town than the usual city — and i believe that’s things i like about this. It’s large enough to possess a lot to complete but sufficiently small to feel cozy. I really like Perth for that reason small-town, big-city feel but for the proven fact that it&#8217s around the water and it has an excellent nightlife.

Not just that, but Perth is a superb jumping-off place to determine the western Australian parks and natural sites, also it&#8217s also near to hip Freemantle, which hosts my personal favorite Australian brewery: Little Creatures. I’ve found it a lot more personal than other towns around australia.

Favorite activity: Relaxing by the pool

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10. Hong Kong

The skyline of the busy and bustling city of Hong Kong

Hong Kong is among the best metropolitan areas on the planet for foodies. I usually stay in after i&#8217m in Asia and stuff my face with the best dumplings on the planet. The town is busy and dense (it&#8217s probably the most densely populated places in the world) but it features a fun nightlife and a lot of activities to help keep you entertained, from markets to temples to nearby hikes outdoors the town.

As the city provides an interesting mix between western and eastern cultures, what really sets Hong Kong aside from other massive, dense metropolitan areas is the way neat and well-organized it’s. Making your way around is easy, which makes it an fun and easy spot to search for a couple of days — or even more!

Favorite activity: Eating dumplings!

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11. Reykjavik

A birds-eye view of the Icelandic capital of Reykjavik as seen from the city's large church

Iceland is among the most costly countries on the planet. Like a budget traveler, you&#8217d believe that would keep me away but without a doubt something: it&#8217s absolutely well worth the cost.

Reykjavik has a lot of cozy cafes, wild clubs, cute architecture, and friendly pubs. It&#8217s small, yet it is simple to spend a couple of days here and never become bored (particularly if you&#8217re an evening owl. Icelanders like to party).

Fortunately, because the tourism industry grows, there are other and much more free (or cheap) things you can do within the city. With Icelandair offering free stopovers on flights between The United States and Europe, it&#8217s never been simpler to go to this charming Scandinavia capital.

Favorite activity: Cozying in a coffee shop to see and individuals watch.

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12. London

The view overlooking the city of London and the river, including many of its famous attractions

Like a history nerd, I&#8217ve always loved visiting London. The best museums on the planet exist — and they’re all free (you will find loads of other samples by mail to do and see too).

However it wasn&#8217t until this past year after i spent per month within the city which i really &#8220got&#8221 it. I understood why people loved it. There is a captivating sophistication towards the place.

Strolling the roads from the city, experiencing the markets, consuming a brief history from the place, lounging around the block, and getting a pint outdoors a pub? Paradise.

Paris will invariably have me but London comes close.

Favorite activity: Visiting as numerous museums when i can after which consuming in a pub.

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You will find it is! My personal favorite metropolitan areas on the planet. Leave a remark about this publish and tell me what your favorites are &#8211 and why!



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