Lencois Maranhenses Park is definitely an area on Brazil’s north coast from the Atlantic that’s protected. It’s a vast desert landscape comprised of white-colored, tall sand dunes in addition to lagoons of rainwater. Two largest of those lagoons are:

  • Lagoa Bonita
  • Lagoa Azul

Diverse ecosystem

This park comes with an ecosystem that’s very different and includes mangrove swamps. The gateways towards the park would be the nearby towns of:

  • Barreirinhas
  • Santo Amaro do Marahao

How you can explore

Lencois Maranhenses Park is really a vast area filled with undulating and taken sand dunes among ponds created at certain occasions of the season. This outcome is ponds of night time-blue and offset through the brilliant white-colored dunes which make for any photographer’s paradise. This whole area could be explored:

  • By walking
  • On horses
  • On wheels

By traveling north-east, the different options are a few days exploring el born area and if you possess the time this really is something you won’t regret.

Condition of Marahao

This Park is incorporated in the Brazilian condition of Marahao. Lencois Maranhenses means “bedsheets” in Portuguese because of the spectacular landscape that rolls out for miles. It’s much less visited or perhaps known included in South america and doesn’t obtain the tourism that Brazil’s other question of nature is, IguacuFalls. But it’s in lots of ways much more remarkable or dramatic.

Wild birds-eye-view

If you’re planning to go to this area, it’s suggested that you simply travel by plane tour. This provides a “birds-eye-view” enabling you to begin to see the landscape of the terrific and amazing park.

The easy way achieve the park

The best way to best achieve this park is to buy towards the town of Sao Luis that is a previous colonial city that’s 4 hrs from Lencois Maranhenses. Plane flights from round the country land regularly and when you are within this city, every hotel, hostel or pousdad can make the plans for any transfer for you personally. There’s also buses individuals pick-up vacationers where they’re remaining at 7 am every day.

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