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Published: 10/08/19 October seventh, 2019

There’s no denying that Airbnb has altered the way we travel. It got people from the hotel/hostel quandary, gave locals a method to monetize their extra rooms and produce more earnings, and also got vacationers into various areas of metropolitan areas, distributing the advantages of tourism around to some wider area of the community.

It wasn&#8217t the very first company to get this done, however it made this sort of travel prevalent and socially acceptable. The thought of &#8220renting someone&#8217s home&#8221 has become seen, less weird or unsafe, but because a wonderfully normal method to visit a destination.

I’ve been an Airbnb user since its beginning (it started in 2008) and also have had some wonderful encounters while using service: the Swiss couple who made and shared dinner beside me, individuals in Paris who left me wine like a welcome gift, the retirees in Tours who place a candle within my breakfast croissant as a birthday gift, the pair in NZ who provided veggies using their garden, and numerous other wonderful encounters where I acquired to satisfy locals and discover facets of existence which i might possibly not have otherwise. (I&#8217ve also located some really fabulous people too. The website works for both!)

During the last couple of years, I’d become from the practice of using Airbnb, rather remaining with buddies, in hostels, or hotels on points. However, as i was on my small book tour within the summer time, I made the decision to begin while using service again.

I had been concern about doing this though.

From overtourism to hosts with multiple listings to companies utilizing it to operate hotels to some general “whatever” attitude toward complaints, there are plenty of issues with Airbnb. It’s no longer the entire “people renting out their room for added money” service it markets itself as.

I&#8217ve read all of the tales. I&#8217ve seen the information.

With more than 6 000 0000 listings, Airbnb is among the greatest booking sites available. Within the first quarter of 2019, it booked 91 million room nights. In comparison, Expedia booked 80.8 million.

However I figured there had to become some gems on the website.

And what sort of travel expert would I be basically didn&#8217t know Airbnb&#8217s current condition?

I went in going to not rent locations that weren’t people’s homes — that’s, any rentals operated by folks with multiple listings or property management companies, which lead to raising rents for everybody. While Airbnb provides extensive problems, the &#8220commercialization&#8221 from the services are the greatest.

The growing number of individuals buying property simply to let on Airbnb is driving rent up for locals1 and forcing them from the city. Research conducted recently in the Institut d’Economia de Barcelona implies that rent in Barcelona&#8217s most touristy areas has elevated up to 7% between 2012 and 2016.2

In addition, in 2016 (the newest data I possibly could find), true home discussing, in which the owner exists throughout the guest’s stay, makes up about under 20% of Airbnb’s business within the U . s . States 81% of Airbnb’s revenue nationwide — $4.6 billion — originates from whole-unit rentals in which the owner is not present.

Searching online Inside Airbnb implies that a higher number of units are rented by individuals with multiple listings: in Venice, from 8,469 listings, 68.6% of hosts have multiple listings in Barcelona, from 18,302 listings, 67.1% of hosts have multiple listings as well as in La, from 44,504 listings, 57.8% of hosts have multiple listings.

That doesn&#8217t really scream the &#8220just an individual renting out their extra room&#8221 model the organization loves to tout.

And That I found staying away from that many harder than I figured it might be.

Even getting spent hrs attempting to weed individuals types of homes out, I had been fooled working in london, Electricity, and Santa Monica: individuals listings existed exclusively to become rented on Airbnb. Individuals pictures that managed to get appear resided in? Faked. (And also the devote London, that was said to be an area inside a guy’s house, was only a room&#8230but inside a house for Airbnb visitors.)

Everything time spent attempting to perform the right factor&#8230and I still unsuccessful!

Because this happened again and again, I figured to myself: Are you ready to interrupt track of Airbnb? Was using Airbnb was well worth the cost it exacts on residents and also the time spent looking for gems useless?

As being a responsible traveler is important in my experience — although not lead towards the problems Airbnb causes.

Airbnb is among the greatest motorists of overtourism. It’s produced lots of new accommodation for travelers, which plays a role in greater tourism figures.3 Around the one hands, that&#8217s good: cheaper accommodation = more vacationers = more revenue. But, when unregulated and combined with issues highlighted above, elevated tourism kills the places we like. It might be a vicious circle: more vacationers = more income = more qualities on Airbnb = less local residents. However, thankfully, when i highlight in the following paragraphs, lots of locales are fighting back and starting to restrict the service.

Furthermore, the organization doesn’t really do something against hosts behave badly. From stalking visitors to denying last-minute bookings to substandard conditions to fake reviews, complaints against hosts go unwatched until they become news tales such as this:

  • Airbnb silently shut lower a high host among scathing reviews, but countless visitors were left to stick with him
  • Airbnb Includes a Hidden-Camera Problem
  • A disturbing video of the violent Airbnb host is reigniting fears of racism within the discussing economy
  • ‘Which monkey is gonna remain on the couch?’: Airbnb host kicks out black visitors in racist exchange
  • British couple spends $11,800 on Airbnb rental in Ibiza that doesn&#8217t exist

As a result, I’ve found the client plan to be really terrible and slanted toward hosts. There are plenty of protections for hosts although not visitors. Basically cancel, I must pay a charge. When the host cancels, there’s little punishment. When speaking about my recent encounters with Airbnb on Facebook, I discovered I wasn’t alone. Many people have observed a loss of the caliber of the service recently. They still utilize it, however i was surprised that a lot of people didn’t achieve this around they accustomed to. For example:

Airbnb poor customer review

Airbnb poor customer review

Airbnb poor customer review

Airbnb poor customer review

Airbnb poor customer review

There are many those who are still getting wonderful encounters using the service. In general, I still enjoy it. There are some great finds, wonderful people, and awesome encounters online, especially when you are getting from the big metropolitan areas. (And, should you stay with remaining in people&#8217s spare rooms, you solve many of the overtourism and housing issues the service creates.)

But, because of the social problems it causes, poor people customer support, the irritation of coping with hosts, the crapshoot in quality, the cleaning along with other charges which make the service&#8217s costs on componen with traditional hotels, I&#8217d frequently rather just book a normal hostel, hotel, or B&#038B. Individuals are pretty straight forward, easy, and simple. (And, unlike the Airbnb I’d in D.C., includes rooms that really lock!)

I shouldn’t lead to overtourism. I shouldn’t cost residents from their homes. I do not give my money to some company that does not wish to be an accountable stakeholder. (I haven&#8217t even reached the lengths the organization would go to combat oversight, taxes, and regulation.)

And That I don&#8217t have day-to spend locating a room!

And That I&#8217m only some of the one getting second ideas. See this survey I conducted on Twitter about while using service:

Individuals aren’t figures I&#8217d need to see basically was Airbnb. It&#8217s obvious, for many people, the sentiment has shifted from the service because it&#8217s be commercialized.

I am not fully ready to stop around the service quite yet. I still think you’ll find some great finds and meet some good people. When utilized as it had been initially intended, the services are magic for hosts and visitors!

And perhaps their approaching IPO can change its ways by getting in new stockholders, activist investors, and much more attention (stockholders don&#8217t like negative news tales that lowers their stock cost!).

On the other hand, maybe it will not, and Airbnb is only going to worsen and I’ll need to stop utilizing it altogether.

Can be.

However I think everything is bad so much that one should be skeptical from the service and employ it with careful attention.

It’s totally different from it was once.


1: Since my team and I’ve been while using website a great deal this season, we&#8217re updating our help guide to Airbnb to mirror alterations in the service. It will likely be in a couple of days.

2: There are also another study made by California Condition College here.

3: Airbnb isn’t the prime reason for overtourism, however it certainly contributes greatly their need to turn a blind eye to the issue is a part of my trouble with it.

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