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Published: 11/3/19 November 3rd, 2019

Recently, there has been a number of countries which have become exciting up-and-coming holiday destinations. They are destinations which are affordable, interesting, unique, and more importantly, free of the hordes of vacationers which have clogged the cultural arterial blood vessels of metropolitan areas like Barcelona, Reykjavik, and Venice.

Certainly one of individuals countries is Georgia.

Formerly area of the Ussr, Georgia has turned into a popular destination in region for backpackers and digital nomads alike. Tourist figures are climbing fast, with nearly nine million people from other countries visiting Georgia in 2018. While most of them originate from neighboring countries, it is also a destination that’s rapidly becoming more popular with western vacationers, too.

Tbilisi, the country’s capital, sees probably the most visitors — and even for good reason. It’s a sensational city having a attractive Old Town that’s been colorfully restored recently. There’s also lots to do and see around the town, like going through the Narikala fort ruins, seeing the Jvari Monastery around the nearby mountain top, and going to the many beautiful cathedrals and places of worship that us dot the town.

Outdoors of Tbilisi, travelers can explore the mountain tops and caves of Georgia’s attractive landscapes and if you want wine, you’ll gladly discover Georgia is really among the earliest wine regions on the planet!

On top of that, Georgia is super cheap (an enormous plus in my opinion)!

But is Georgia safe?

While there is some danger ten years back throughout the Russo-Georgian War, Georgia has become a secure country to go to. Actually, the Worldwide Crime Index rated Georgia because the seventh safest country on the planet in 2017!

Speculate lots of people have no idea much about Georgia, I get some messages from people asking concerning the safety concerns there.

So, what must you consider prior to going to Georgia? What are the places you shouldn’t go?

The eight safety tips below will explain by pointing out risks in Georgia and how to approach them to be able to enjoy your vacation securely.

1. Avoid South Ossetia and Abkhazia – The parts of South Ossetia (around the Russian border, north of Tbilisi) and Abkhazia (bordering Russia and also the Black Ocean within the far west of Georgia) aren’t safe to go to. They are breakaway parts of Georgia that have experienced high conflict recently.

You may still find vehicle bombs along with other terrorist attacks reported periodically in Abkhazia and South Ossetia, and you will find unexploded landmines too.

Just don’t go to the areas, and you will be fine.

Also, don’t attempt to traverse them into Georgia from Russia, as that’s illegal under Georgian law.

2. Take notice – As with any country in which the locals begin to see the vacationers to be wealthier, petty thievery can occur. It’s a lesser risk compared to many countries but it’s still vital that you take safeguards.

Don’t put on flashy jewellery or watches or flaunt considerable amounts of money. Keep close track of your bags whatsoever occasions too. The most typical occurrences exist in busy tourist areas or on crowded public transit. If you’re able to keep the guard in these places, you will be fine.

3. Watch out for the bar scam &#8211 You will find been reports of vacationers in Tbilisi falling for another scam by locals who invite them right into a bar for drinks and food after which pressure these to pay a very high bill. It isn’t common here but it’s something to understand.

4. Be skeptical of demonstrations or protests – It’s very common for political demonstrations to occur in Tbilisi and often other areas of Georgia, though they most generally happen outdoors the parliament on Rustaveli Avenue in Tbilisi.

As the probably issue is just a disruption to trains and buses remember to be conscious that protests can change violent and it is most likely safer to step back.

5. Be cautious when driving – Regrettably the street conditions in a lot of Georgia aren’t great. When coupled with reckless driving in the locals, traffic accidents are pretty common. Sometimes road markings are missing and there’s frequently confusion about which driver has right of way.

While in a vehicle, always put on a seatbelt. Furthermore, avoid driving at night along with the insufficient good lighting causes it to be much more harmful.

6. Become familiar with a couple of words and have a translation application ready – Georgians are often really friendly, although not most of them speak British. If something wrong happens they’re always happy to assist you, but you may need a couple of words from the local language or perhaps a good translation application that will help you explain the thing you need.

The Georgian language is fairly special – it’s among the earliest on the planet and contains a distinctive script. If you’re able to become familiar with a couple of words prior to going. There are numerous free sources online and you may download Google Translate just in situation you have to translate on the run.

7. Be careful within the mountain tops – Georgia’s beautiful alps are earning it a well known place to go for skiing and mountaineering. But right now, it’s still challenging up-to-date, accurate details about weather conditions there, so you have to be careful. If uncertain, skip the experience during the day.

Also, although they’re improving, the security standards for adventure sports within the mountain tops in Georgia continue to be less than you may expect. If you are getting doubts a good activity, use a professional guide and appearance reviews for safety levels prior to going.

8. Buy travel cover – Irrrve never leave the house without travel cover. Some journeys are uneventful, it’s important to be ready just in situation. Travel cover can help you save hundreds and maybe thousands of dollars and supply critical assistance in desperate situations. Remember, it’s usually better safe than sorry!

We advise World Nomads for travelers under 70, while Insure My Trip is the greatest option for travelers over 70.

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FAQ&#8217s on Safety in Georgia

That will help you stay safe making the most from your visit, here are a few solutions to the most typical questions I recieve about visiting Georgia:

Is Georgia harmful to go to?

Most areas of Georgia are very safe to go to. However, you need to certainly steer clear of the South Ossetia and Abkhazia regions around the border with Russia. It’s also wise to remember that the Pankisi Gorge area (north-east of Tbilisi) is known for terrorist training and activity previously, although recent surveys appear to point out that it’s presently safe to go to.

Is Tbilisi a secure city?

The Georgian capital, Tbilisi, generally is a safe spot to visit. Remember that the motorists could be a little erratic so you must have your wits in regards to you like a pedestrian. There’s also some reports of petty crime against vacationers like pickpocketing within the primary tourist areas, so keep close track of your possessions, however the risk is gloomier compared to a number of other European metropolitan areas.

May be the plain tap water safe in Georgia?

While it may be reasonably safe to consume the faucet water in certain areas of Georgia, and it is sourced from freshwater sources within the mountain tops, there has been occurrences of travelers obtaining giardia throughout their travels. Regrettably, what this means is it’s better to steer clear of the plain tap water while you’re here.

The easiest method to make certain your consuming water is protected would be to bring a SteriPen or LifeStraw for the multiple-use water bottle. By doing this you can purify the faucet water which means you don’t become ill — and steer clear of using single-use plastic containers along the way.

Would be the taxis safe in Georgia?

Taxis really are a common method of getting around in Georgia and therefore are usually quite. Just make certain you put on your seatbelt as motorists here could be aggressive and also the rules from the road are construed more as suggestions than law.

Remember that taxis here do not have meters, so it’s important to agree with a cost ahead of time. Ask your hostel or hotel staff for assistance with just how much you are very likely to pay for before you decide to catch a trip. This way, you are able to don’t get overcharged.

If you are a solo female traveler, I’d avoid taking taxis alone during the night (but that’s my advice for almost every city).

Is Georgia safe for solo female travelers?

Given how safe Georgia is within general, it’s most likely no real surprise to listen to that yes, Georgia is protected for solo female travelers. The typical rules apply, though: don’t walk alone during the night, watch out for other people offering your drinks or food (particularly in bars in Tbilisi), rather than leave your drink unwatched. While it’s rare, there has been occurrences of drink spiking in Georgia.

In a nutshell, as lengthy as you apply the common-sense practices you use at your home you shouldn’t have any problems here.

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So, in the event you visit Georgia? You can look at yourself safe in Georgia. It may be a comparatively unknown location to travelers however that doesn’t mean it’s harmful. Be familiar with lower driving and road standards and go ahead and take usual safeguards together with your possessions — particularly when you’re inside a more crowded tourist area.

Do this, and you’ll possess a safe visit to Georgia!

Book Your Vacation to Georgia: Logistical Tips and Methods

Book Your Flight

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Book The Resort

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  • Fabrika (Tblisi) &#8211 This hostel is another bar and co-working space housed within an old Soviet warehouse. It&#8217s had a awesome vibe and also the people listed here are wonderful. This is actually the best destination in the united states in my opinion.
  • Temi Hostel (Kutaisi) &#8211 This hostel is small however the staff are wonderful also it&#8217s neat and cozy. It&#8217s inside a great location too.
  • Boutique Hotel and Medusa Hostel (Batumi) &#8211 This area is comparatively new therefore the beds are snug and also have curtains and also the place is well-maintained. Employees are super useful and can make certain you possess an amazing trip to Batumi.

Don&#8217t Forget Travel Cover

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Want A lot of Georgia?

Make sure to visit our robust destination guide on Georgia for more planning tips!

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