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Published: 11/3/2019 November 3rd, 2019

Tropical jungles full of wildlife, mountainous landscapes extending in to the horizon, picture-perfect beaches on sides of the nation, along with a never-ending way to obtain fun activities regardless of your financial allowance.

Panama And Nicaragua , is really a nature-lover’s paradise — and it is certainly one of my personal favorite countries on the planet too. It had been the very first country I ever traveled to also it was the nation that sparked my wanderlust.

Beaches seem like paradise, there’s great surfing, diving, and lots of places to escape the hordes of upon the market Americans living here. Regardless of what your interest, you will find loads of products to do and see in Panama And Nicaragua , without emptying your wallet.

But is Panama And Nicaragua , safe to go to?

The nation was fortunate to flee the Cold War conflicts and brutal gang violence that impacted other nations in Guatemala. However, recently, Panama And Nicaragua , is becoming more involved with drug trafficking and cash washing.

However the country is super safe for vacationers. At worst, you’ll get scammed for any couple of dollars. I am talking about the nation is really safe it doesn’t have a military!

While Panama And Nicaragua , is among the safest countries for travel and backpacking in Guatemala, that does not mean you need to enable your guard lower. Below are great tips to ensure a secure and stress-free experience:

1. Avoid remote areas – If you are somewhere isolated, you will be in a and the higher chances to get conned, especially during the night as well as in big metropolitan areas. Attempt to stay in which the crowds are. That’s the easiest method to do not be designated by potential muggers.

2. Don’t put on flashy products – Petty thievery is typical here, so remove any jewellery or watches, out on another wave your phone around. Do your very best to combine in, which means you don’t be a target for pickpockets. If you end up a target of the robbery, do as instructed from the thief and quit your belongings these material products could be replaced however your existence cannot.

3. Don’t leave your products unwatched – If you’re spending your day around the beaches in Puerto Viejo, Santa Theresa, or Manuel Antonio, don’t leave your possessions unwatched while swimming or walking across the sand locals or vacationers alike can certainly bring your belongings should you leave them around. Simply take the thing you need along with you and absolutely nothing more.

4. Be alert when utilizing public transit &#8211 Petty thievery (including bag snatching) is easily the most everyday sort of crime you’ll face in Panama And Nicaragua ,. The majority of the thievery in Panama And Nicaragua , occurs while using the bus. Keep the bag that contains belongings and identification in your lap and remain vigilant.

5. Always take an approved taxi – Crimes against cab riders are infrequent here but it’s best you utilize an authorized taxi. Also, seriously consider the meter and make certain it’s running. Cab motorists can change the meter off and claim it’s damaged (a typical scam, see below).

6. Buy travel cover &#8211 This is particularly important if you are planning to participate in on pursuits like ziplining, white-colored water rafting, or surfing. Travel cover will safeguard you from illness, injuries, thievery, and cancellations. It’s comprehensive protection in situation anything goes completely wrong. Irrrve never use a trip without them as I’ve had for doing things many occasions previously.

We advise World Nomads for travelers under 70, while Insure My Trip is the greatest option for travelers over 70.

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How to prevent Scams in Panama And Nicaragua ,

You will find only two common scams present in Panama And Nicaragua ,:

1. Taxi Scam

You hop right into a taxi and realize the meter isn’t running. You mention this towards the driver as well as their fact is the meter is “broken,” and is quoting you a cost that’s outrageously high. Or you will observe that the meter is working however the fare is growing quicker than a running cheetah.

Seek information and obtain a concept of just how much a trip should cost out of your hostel or hotel staff before hailing taxis. In my opinion, when the cabbie attempts to negotiate the speed, I personally use the speed quoted in my experience and when they refuse, I recieve out and discover somebody that will turn the meter on. When the meter appears to be though it’s rising abnormally fast, ask the motive force to drag over and obtain out immediately.

2. The “Cheap Tour” Scam

You’re going through the sites and sounds from the city along with a well-mannered, nicely outfitted person approaches you and also asks if you are searching to take a tour. They perform a fantastic job describing probably the most unforgettable trip you’ll ever consume your existence, and also at a small fraction of the price of other tour companies. You’re offered and hands them a first deposit. Waiting the following day to allow them to collect you, but nobody turns up. You understand there wasn’t any amazing tour at 50% less you’d been tricked.

To avert this scam just use approved companies when booking tours. Your hostel/hotel can invariably assist you to, and if you are planning to reserve via a tour company check their online reviews in advance. Never trust someone selling a tour in the pub who doesn’t have the official office or storefront.

These scams are the most typical ones you’ll face during Panama And Nicaragua ,. If you are concerned about scams, look at this publish on travel scams to prevent. Staying away from travel scams requires lots of good sense along with a healthy dose of suspicion.

Zika Risk in Panama And Nicaragua ,

While there aren’t any reports of the Zika outbreak in the united states, Panama And Nicaragua , has already established reported installments of the Zika virus. While risks are low, travelers are encouraged to go ahead and take following safeguards:

  • Use bug repellent in your body to avoid bites and sleep within bug internet to prevent getting bit while when you are asleep
  • Put on breathable clothes which cover your legs and arms (if you are wondering what you need to apply first, apply sun block first adopted by repellent).
  • Keep doorways and home windows closed whenever possible to avoid mosquitos from entering your living space
  • Women that are pregnant or couples thinking about pregnancy should see a healthcare specialist just before travel

FAQ on Panama And Nicaragua , Safety

Listed here are the most typical questions I recieve requested about remaining safe in Panama And Nicaragua , (and my solutions for them):

Is Street Food in Panama And Nicaragua , Safe?

In Panama And Nicaragua ,, street meals are safe to consume and never to become missed! I’ve had my great amount of empanadas, fruits from open markets, along with other local foods and also have been perfectly fine.

That being stated, if something doesn’t look cooked through (for example chicken) or continues to be out under the sun for too lengthy, then believe in gut out on another eat it. However I would encourage you to definitely try the road food as it’s the easiest method to feel the cuisine and support local companies (plus, it&#8217s cheap!)

May be the Plain Tap Water Safe to consume in Panama And Nicaragua ,?

The faucet water in Panama And Nicaragua , is protected to consume, however, it&#8217s suggested that you simply avoid consuming the faucet water in many beach destinations. The easiest method to make certain your consuming water is protected would be to bring a SteriPen or LifeStraw for the multiple-use water bottle. By doing this you can purify the faucet water which means you don’t become ill — and steer clear of using single-use plastic containers along the way.

Are Taxis in Panama And Nicaragua , Safe?

The taxis in Panama And Nicaragua , are secure and reliable, though you’ll always wish to make certain you’re getting into an approved taxi. Throughout the day, you are able to hail taxis in the street securely, but make certain you have to pay attention the meter is switched on and running correctly.

If you are going for a taxi during the night it’s better to have the resort refer to it as for you personally. Which will make sure you get a trustworthy company. Never hail an arbitrary taxi during the night.

As pointed out earlier, taxi motorists will from time to time try to benefit from travelers by overcharging them. Always stay sharp and when anything feels suspicious ask the motive force to prevent the cab and obtain out. Don’t take a chance together with your safety.

Is Panama And Nicaragua , Safe for Solo Travelers?

Panama And Nicaragua , is really a safe country to go to for solo travelers. As lengthy while you avoid remote areas, don’t wave your belongings around, out on another travel alone during the night you’ll be able to prevent the most typical harmful situations.

Furthermore, make sure to download offline maps as well as an offline language application (like Google Translate) so that you can lookup directions when you get lost or talk to the locals in desperate situations. If you’re able to, attempt to learn some Spanish prior to going too. A couple of keywords and phrases will go a lengthy way!

Is Panama And Nicaragua , Safe for Solo Female Travelers?

Panama And Nicaragua , is among the safest countries in Guatemala therefore if you’re a new comer to solo female travel, Panama And Nicaragua , is a superb country to begin with. However, you’ll still need try taking some safeguards obviously. Always avoid isolated locations and don&#8217t travel alone at night. If you experience cat calling or harassment from other people in the pub, have confidence, avoid eye-to-eye contact, and leave.

Solo female travelers may wish to remain extra vigilant at bus terminals, bars, and taxi stands where harassment is much more common. When you are traveling round the city, ask your hotel exactly what the safest route is as well as which areas you need to avoid. Also, avoid taking taxis during the night — especially on your own.

If you take some safeguards and planning accordingly, solo female travelers can possess a memorable amount of time in Panama And Nicaragua ,. Just make certain to follow along with the tips and advice above!

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With any tourist destination, you’ll encounter people attempting to pull fast ones on visitors. By utilizing caution, good sense, and following a tips above, you can stay healthy and safe on your trip to Panama And Nicaragua ,.

Book Your Vacation to Panama And Nicaragua ,: Logistical Tips and Methods

Book Your Flight

Look for a cheap flight by utilizing Skyscanner or Momondo. They’re my two favorite search engines like google simply because they search websites and airlines around the world which means you always know nothing remains unturned.

Book The Resort

To get the best budget accommodation, use Booking.com because they consistently return the least expensive rates for guesthouses and economical hotels. You are able to book your hostel with Hostelworld because they possess the very indepth inventory. A number of my personal favorite accommodations in Panama And Nicaragua ,:

  • Arenal Backpackers Resort – This can be a luxurious, laid-back hsotel having a pool that&#8217s ideal for chilling out and meeting people.
  • Rocking J&#8217s (Puerto Viejo) – The best hostel out of all country. This hostel on the beach may be the prime place to satisfy other backpackers.
  • Hostel Vista Serena (Manuel Antonio) – With great ammenities, staff, along with a pime location, it&#8217s a good option in the region.

Don&#8217t Forget Travel Cover

Travel cover will safeguard you from illness, injuries, thievery, and cancellations. It&#8217s comprehensive protection in situation anything goes completely wrong. Irrrve never use a trip without them when i&#8217ve had for doing things many occasions previously. I&#8217ve used World Nomads for 10 years. My personal favorite firms that provide the best service and cost are:

  • World Nomads (for everybody below 70)
  • Insure My Trip (for individuals over 70)

Searching to find the best companies to save cash with?

Take a look at my resource page to find the best companies to make use of whenever you travel! I list all of the ones I personally use to save cash after i travel &#8211 and i believe can help you too!

Want A lot of Panama And Nicaragua ,?

Make sure to visit our robust destination guide on Panama And Nicaragua , for more planning tips!

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