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Published: 7/6/2019 This summer sixth, 2019

Guatemala is among my personal favorite regions for backpacking. While it may be difficult to circumvent, additionally, it offers incredible beauty, abundant nature, attractive beaches, and cost-effective prices.

Political upheaval and riots stored vacationers away for any lengthy time, however. However these days the region has changed into a something of the hotspot for travelers, surfers, and retirees.


Because Guatemala has something for everybody!

But could it be safe?

Yes — however that doesn’t mean its not necessary to consider safeguards.

Within this publish, I’ll review all you need to know to remain safe and also have an incredible trip within this incredibly diverse region!

Table of Contents

  1. What Countries have been in Guatemala?
  2. 8 Important Safety Strategies for Guatemala
  3. What’s the Northern Triangular? Could it be Safe?
  4. What’s the Safest Country in Guatemala?
  5. Is Guatemala Safe for Solo Travelers?
  6. Is Guatemala Safe for Solo Female Travelers?
  7. Are Taxis Safe in Guatemala?
  8. Are You Able To Consume the Street Food in Guatemala?
  9. Are You Able To Drink water in Guatemala?

What Countries have been in Guatemala?

You will find seven countries in Guatemala:

  • Belize
  • Panama And Nicaragua ,
  • El Salvador
  • Guatemala
  • Honduras
  • Nicaragua
  • Panama

Click the map for country guides:

Central America Placeholder

8 Important Safety Strategies for Guatemala

While Guatemala is recognized as generally safe to go somewhere with and backpacking, there isn’t any denying that some safeguards ought to be taken.

  • Be familiar with your surroundings – It may be simple to stop having to pay attention and allow your guard lower. But that’s when disaster strikes. Always be familiar with your surroundings.
  • Avoid remote areas – If you are somewhere isolated, you will be in a and the higher chances to get conned, especially during the night as well as in big metropolitan areas. Attempt to stay in which the crowds are. That’s the easiest method to do not be designated by potential muggers.
  • Don’t put on flashy products – Petty thievery is easily the most common threat here, so remove any jewellery or watches, out on another wave your phone around. Do your very best to combine in, which means you don’t be a target for pickpockets.
  • Separate your money – Keep just the money that you’ll require during the day for you. Keep your rest locked away securely at the accommodation.
  • Take taxis during the night – If you want to get somewhere during the night, have a taxi. It will likely be safer than any public transit. Have the resort call the taxi for you personally, so you can be certain you’re obtaining a trustworthy driver.
  • Be cautious on riding on the bus – If you need to take riding on the bus, keep the belongings for you and them well guaranteed, especially on chicken buses (colorful, modified, and decorated buses that transport goods and individuals). Petty thievery is typical on night buses, so prevent them if you’re able to.
  • Don’t do drugs – The cartels here have made existence hard for the neighborhood population. Don’t support them by purchasing their goods. Drug penalties will also be harsh in the area, and also you shouldn’t finish in jail here!
  • Buy travel cover – Travel cover could keep you protected when you get hurt or ill, really are a victim of thievery, or suffer from delayed or canceled flights. It’s a useful investment and can help you save 1000s of dollars. Don’t risk traveling without them!

In the finish during the day, you’ll simply need to always believe in gut instinct. If your taxi driver appears shady, steer clear of the cab and obtain out. In case your hotel is seedier than you thought and appears unsafe, get free from there and get a new destination. You’ve every to little one such situations, so what you ought to do in order to feel safe.

What’s the Northern Triangular? Could it be Safe?

The Northern Triangular comprises Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras. It’s the location of Guatemala that typically (and presently) has got the most crime and violence. Normally, this is concentrated within the bigger metropolitan areas, especially in specific neighborhoods. If you are likely to be within the capital metropolitan areas of these three countries, you’ll want to speak to your hostel or hotel staff which are more up-to-date safety advice.

That being stated, if you are visiting tourist areas or happening nature excursions, then you definitely won’t have issues because lengthy while you stick to the safety advice above.

What’s the Safest Country in Guatemala?

Panama And Nicaragua ,, which supplies safety and stability alongside incredible natural splendor. Obviously, costs are also much greater and reflect the country’s status as “the Europe of Guatemala.”

If you are a new comer to backpacking and wish to begin somewhere that provides a great mixture of adventure and safety, choose Panama And Nicaragua ,. It had been the very first country I ever backpacked in, and that i absolutely loved it!

When it comes to safety, the following best spot is Panama. It’s the place to find an increasing community of expats and retirees, that is giving the nation a fiscal boost and which makes it a little more gringo friendly. Which means you can get a whole lot suggestions and tips (including specific, local safety tips) in the expat community while still getting yourself a journey.

Arriving strong behind Panama is Belize. It will a fantastic job of balancing safety with lots of items to do and see!

Is Guatemala Safe for Solo Travelers?

Guatemala is very safe for solo travelers. As lengthy while you avoid remote areas out on another travel alone during the night, you can avoid the most typical issues vacationers face, for example petty crime.

If you are worried that you simply won’t feel safe, attempt to join several other travelers or invite individuals from your hostel to participate you when you are out. This way, you can feel safe whilst dealing with connect with others.

Like a solo traveler, make sure to scan your passport along with other important documents and send them an email to yourself in situation you need to do occur to encounter trouble.

Furthermore, make sure to download offline maps and offline language apps so that you can lookup directions when you get lost or talk to the locals in desperate situations. If you’re able to, attempt to learn some Spanish prior to going too. A couple of keywords and phrases will go a lengthy way!

Is Guatemala Safe for Solo Female Travelers particularly?

Solo female travelers will have to be more about guard throughout their amount of time in Guatemala. Panama And Nicaragua ,, Panama, and Belize would be the safest countries in the area. If you are new solo female travel, stay with these countries.

Outdoors of individuals three countries, I’d suggest new solo female travelers stay with group travel or tours, just safe. However, experienced solo female travelers will be able to navigate the location without an excessive amount of additional concern.

Women should gentle in large metropolitan areas, though, especially during the night. Beyond that, as lengthy while you stick to the usual safeguards, you can come with an amazing time!

Are Taxis Safe in Guatemala?

The taxis in Guatemala are secure and reliable, though you’ll always wish to make certain you’re getting into marked taxi. Never enter an unmarked vehicle.

Throughout the day, you are able to hail taxis in the street securely, but you’ll want to understand the neighborhood custom, as some countries’ taxis use meters yet others need you to negotiate a cost ahead of time.

If going for a taxi during the night, have the resort refer to it as for you personally. Never hail an arbitrary taxi during the night.

Are You Able To Consume the Street Food in Guatemala?

Without a doubt you are able to! You’ll find a variety of amazing street food stands and native restaurants in Guatemala, and you’d be really missing out should you didn’t use them! Just make certain that you follow places where there are plenty of locals collected. That’s the way you know your meals are not just safe but scrumptious too!

Typically, you’ll encounter locations that sell several types of chicken. As lengthy because it is fully cooked (not pink inside) and hasn’t been under the sun all day long, join in and try it out! Lots of food here may also be deep-fried, which are invariably safe (simply not healthy).

Don’t hesitate to inquire about your hotel or hostel staff for street food or restaurant suggestions. They’ll without doubt possess some scrumptious — and perfectly safe — ones for you personally.

Are You Able To Drink water in Guatemala?

Like a general ruled you’ll wish to steer clear of the plain tap water in Guatemala, although it’s likely fine in Panama And Nicaragua , and Panama.

The easiest method to make certain your consuming water is protected would be to bring a Steripen or Lifestraw for the multiple-use water bottle. By doing this you can purify the faucet water which means you don’t become ill — and staying away from single-use plastic containers along the way.


Because of so many affordable accommodation and transportation options, stunning landscapes, plentiful outside adventures, and delightful beaches, it shojuld not be a surprise that Guatemala is among the most backpacked regions around the globe.

Sure, it could obtain a bad rap because of its violent background and economic struggles, however that doesn’t mean it’s categorically unsafe. By using the guidelines above, you can stay healthy and safe on your next visit!

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Book Your Vacation to Guatemala: Logistical Tips and Methods

Book Your Flight

Look for a cheap flight by utilizing Skyscanner or Momondo. They’re my two favorite search engines like google simply because they search websites and airlines around the world which means you always know nothing remains unturned.

Book The Resort

To get the best budget accommodation, use because they consistently return the least expensive rates for guesthouses and economical hotels. You are able to book your hostel with Hostelworld because they possess the very indepth inventory. A number of my personal favorite accommodations in Panama And Nicaragua ,:

  • Dirty McNasty (Caye Caulker, Belize) &#8211 This is among the greatest hostels in the united states along with a hub for party-goers. Should you&#8217re searching to allow loose, this is actually the hostel for you personally!
  • Rocking J&#8217s (Puerto Viejo, Panama And Nicaragua ,) &#8211 This an establishment in Guatemala. The hostel continues to be there for a long time and there is a beautiful white-colored sand beach before it. They’ve nightly BBQs.
  • The Naken Tiger (San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua) &#8211 Situated in San Juan del Sur, the Naked Tiger is definitely an incredible property nestled a little far on vacation but on the top of the hill having a beautiful look at the whole area.

Don&#8217t Forget Travel Cover

Travel cover will safeguard you from illness, injuries, thievery, and cancellations. It&#8217s comprehensive protection in situation anything goes completely wrong. Irrrve never use a trip without them when i&#8217ve had for doing things many occasions previously. I&#8217ve used World Nomads for 10 years. My personal favorite firms that provide the best service and cost are:

  • World Nomads (for everybody below 70)
  • Insure My Trip (for individuals over 70)

Searching to find the best companies to save cash with?

Take a look at my resource page to find the best companies to make use of whenever you travel! I list all of the ones I personally use to save cash after i travel &#8211 and i believe can help you too!

Want A lot of Guatemala?

Make sure to visit our robust destination guide on Guatemala for more planning tips!

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