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Published: 10/21/2019 October 21st, 2019

Whether it’s relaxing on the attractive beach, exploring Mayan ruins, or snorkeling the world’s second longest barrier reef, you’ll uncover that Belize is filled with amazing and adventurous things you can do. The nation is among the most original destinations in Guatemala using one of my personal favorite countries in the area. It is also where Used to do my first solo backpacking trip and, since that first trip, I’ve loved every minute I’ve spent there.

In the Latin culture from the interior towards the Caribbean Rasta vibe from the coast towards the old British feel of a few of the islands, Belize is really a mash-from vibrant and historic cultures.

The nation is well-liked by backpackers, vacationers, dive enthusiasts, and honeymooners alike, offering something for each travel style and interest.

And tourism is rising, too.

In 2018, Belize saw an exciting-time a lot of 1.5 million visitors — that is a lot for any country of approximately 400,00 people! Tourism won’ doubt still increase because Belize is among the safest countries in the region to go to.

But simply because it’s safe doesn’t mean you are able to enable your guard lower fully. Below are great tips that will help you stay safe on your visit:

9 Safety Strategies for Belize

1. Avoid remote areas – If you are somewhere isolated, you will be in a and the higher chances to get conned, especially during the night as well as in the metropolitan areas. Attempt to stay in which the crowds are — that’s the easiest method to do not be designated by potential muggers.

2. Be familiar with your surroundings during crowds – While sticking with in which the crowds can help you don’t get mugged, it will likewise cause you to a target for petty thievery. Vacationers are often easy targets for pickpockets, so when you’re within the popular tourist areas make certain your belongings feel at ease.

3. Don’t put on flashy products – Petty thievery is easily the most common threat here, so remove any jewellery or watches, out on another wave your phone around. Do your very best to combine in, which means you don’t be a target for pickpockets. If you end up a target of armed robbery, do as instructed from the thief and quit your belongings these material products could be replaced — however your existence cannot.

(I learned this lesson hard means by Colombia.)

4. Don’t leave your products unwatched – If you’re spending your day around the beaches of Placencia Peninsula, Hopkins Village, or Caye Caulker, don’t leave your possessions unwatched while swimming or walking across the sand, as locals and vacationers alike can certainly swipe your belongings. If you’re able to, find buddies at the hostel hitting the shore with so that you can alternate watching over each other’s things when you go swimming and relax.

5. Steer clear of the bus during the night – If you want to get somewhere during the night, have a taxi. It will likely be safer than any public transit. Have the resort call the taxi for you personally so you can be certain you’re obtaining a trustworthy driver. Make certain you receive inside a taxi having a eco-friendly license plate, as individuals indicate approved taxis. If you are a solo female traveler, make certain you travel with others during the night (even just in taxis).

6. Be cautious on riding on the bus – Should you will need to take riding on the bus, keep the belongings for you and well guaranteed, especially on “chicken buses” (colorfully decorated school buses which have been transformed into public transit for goods and individuals). Thievery is typical on night buses, so prevent them if you’re able to. (Buses also have a tendency to not operate on time, and often they’re very slow, packed, or both. Be ready for the knowledge!)

7. Don’t do drugs – Cartels in Belize make existence very hard for that local population. Don’t support them by purchasing their goods. Drug penalties will also be harsh in the area, and also you shouldn’t finish in jail!

8. Keep to the touristy areas of Belize City – Belize City (the biggest city) has some sketchy neighborhoods that regrettably happen to be absorbed by local gangs. You will find areas, however, which are relatively safe, like the primary tourist a part of town. Should you not wander too much after that, you ought to be fine.

9. Buy travel cover – Travel cover will safeguard you when you get hurt or ill, really are a victim of thievery, or must cope with delayed or canceled flights. It’s a useful investment and can help you save 1000s of dollars. Don’t risk traveling without them. I usually buy travel cover before I leave the house — a lesson I&#8217ve learned hard way!

FAQ on Safety in Belize

Here are solutions to common questions I recieve on safety in Belize so that you can be much better ready for your vacation!

What is the chance of Zika in Belize?

Belize has past Zika virus transmission, but there’s presently no proof of a continuing outbreak. As the risks are low, travelers are encouraged to go ahead and take following safeguards:

  • Use bug repellent in your body (on the top associated with a sun block) to avoid bites, and sleep within bug internet to prevent getting bit while when you are asleep.
  • Put on breathable clothes which cover your legs and arms.
  • Keep doorways and home windows closed whenever possible to avoid mosquitos from entering your living space.
  • Women that are pregnant or couples thinking about pregnancy should see a healthcare specialist just before travel.

Is hitchhiking safe there?

Hitchhiking in Belize is very common, easy, and — most significantly — safe. My buddies and that i hitchhiked through the country and saw plenty of locals doing the work too. HitchWiki provides extensive info on hitchhiking in Belize to obtain began.

May be the street food safe?

It definately is safe to possess street food in Belize! The very best and many affordable method to feel the local cuisine is thru their street food, that has Afro-Caribbean and Mexican cultural influences. Sample conch fritters, ceviche, or coconut curry and relish the number of scrumptious flavors!

May be the plain tap water safe to consume?

Belize’s Secretary of state for Health has had steps toward making plain tap water drinkable for locals. However, throughout the wet season, some areas experience flooding, which might contaminate the faucet water. The easiest method to make certain your consuming water is protected would be to bring a SteriPen or Lifestraw for the multiple-use water bottle. By doing this you can purify the faucet water, which means you don’t become ill — and steer clear of single-use plastic containers along the way.

Would be the taxis safe?

Taxis are secure — and preferred — when making your way around during the night. You are able to ask your hostel or hotel to taxis for you personally. Make sure to get take an approved taxi (they’ve eco-friendly license plates). Make use of your smartphone and track the path in your offline map, and when the motive force appears to become sounding stated route, speak up and get why they’ve made the decision to consider this direction rather. In the finish during the day, always believe in gut: if your taxi driver appears shady, steer clear of the cab and obtain out.

If you are a solo female traveler, I would recommend going with a buddy or any other traveler during the night, just safe.

Is Belize safe for solo travelers?

Solo driving Belize is protected, although petty thievery is among the most typical kinds of crime in Belize. The folks involved with some kind of incident are usually consuming or doing drugs or getting involved in criminal activity. Should you not get it done in your own home, don’t get it done in Belize! Follow that rule and you will be fine.

Is Belize safe for solo female travelers?

Belize is really a rut for solo female travelers, particularly if you’re a new comer to solo travel. It is among the safer countries in this area. However, that does not mean you should not be careful. Always be familiar with your surroundings and also have a downloaded map so that you can get where you’re going home. Don’t flaunt any belongings, and steer clear of taking taxis alone during the night.

If you’ve done your quest and have concerns, I’d suggest asking to participate other groups at hostels when going outside or sticking with group travel or tours, just safe.

Listed here are a couple of useful posts on safety compiled by our solo female travel experts:

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I loved time in Belize. The nation might be small, however it had a lot to provide, from dense jungles to massive caves and, obviously, the famous Belize Barrier Reef, in which the marine existence is astonishing. (And for me, nowhere Hole is among the the best places to go diving.) The most difficult challenge for you may be deciding how to proceed first!

While Belize is recognized as generally safe to go somewhere with and backpacking, there isn’t any denying that some safeguards ought to be taken. Read and follow this safety guide, as well as your experience of Belize is a safe, fun, and memorable one.

Book Your Vacation to Belize: Logistical Tips and Methods

Book Your Flight

Look for a cheap flight by utilizing Skyscanner or Momondo. They’re my two favorite search engines like google simply because they search websites and airlines around the world, which means you always know nothing remains unturned.

Book The Resort

You are able to book your hostel with Hostelworld. If you wish to stay somewhere apart from a hostel, use because they consistently return the least expensive rates for guesthouses and economical hotels. I personally use them constantly. My personal favorite hostels in Chile are:

  • The Red Hut Inn (Belize City) &#8211 This can be a chill social hostel with a lot of areas to unwind in — includng a swimming pool. Employees are wonderful too!
  • Dirty McNasty (Caye Caulker) &#8211 This is among the greatest hostels in the united states and noted for its wild parties.
  • Anda Di Hows Hostel (Placencia) &#8211 A comfortable hostel around the beach with great staff and free kayaks and snorkeling gear you should use free of charge.

Don&#8217t Forget Travel Cover

Travel cover will safeguard you from illness, injuries, thievery, and cancellations. It&#8217s comprehensive protection in situation anything goes completely wrong. Irrrve never use a trip without them, when i&#8217ve had for doing things many occasions previously. I&#8217ve used World Nomads for 10 years. My personal favorite firms that provide the best service and cost are:

  • World Nomads (for everybody below 70)
  • Insure My Trip (for individuals over 70)

Searching to find the best companies to save cash with?

Take a look at my resource page to find the best companies to make use of whenever you travel! I list all of the ones I personally use – and i believe they can help you too!

Want A lot of Belize?

Make sure to visit our robust destination guide on Belize for more planning tips!

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