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Updated: 10/31/2019 October 31st, 2019

How frequently have you ever told buddies or family in regards to a dream trip you have, simply to ask them to scoff and help remind you to definitely be “more realistic”?

How frequently do you want you’d someone who understood you? Or perhaps a placed you may go to obtain your 10,000 questions clarified before the next trip?

How frequently have you ever painstakingly researched an entire itinerary only meet some stranger in a hostel whose story had the ability to help you improve your plans entirely?

People need a supportive community — and around I really like the web (and that i deeply love the web), the very best connections are created offline as well as in real existence.

Initially when i first began planning my trip all over the world in 2005, I did not know anybody who’d done such like. Heck, I only understood one individual whatever person even studied abroad. Travel wasn’t a large factor to folks within my world.

And, unlike today, I couldn’t go on the internet and ask a lot of bloggers questions or find numerous articles and websites that helped me to. In early 2000s, there wasn’t much beyond a really small group of hard-to-navigate forums, a couple of websites, and a collection of guidebooks on my small desk.

I’d lots of questions but couple of solutions.

Things I needed would be a community of people that could produce the very first-hands advice and practical tips that will make my trip better, which help me overcome my fears.

And, after i returned, there have been very couple of individuals who could understand this mixture of feelings I had been feeling. Again, I had been alone. I wanted for any community of people that could understand my publish-travel blues.

After as being a nomad for more than 10 years, I’ve been fortunate enough to create my very own community of travel enthusiasts through this site.

Now, I wish to expand this community and take what we should have on the internet and take it in to the real life.

So I’m very happy to announce the launch from the Nomadic Network!

It’s this website’s in-person meetup initiative.

The Nomadic Network (TNN for brief) is a global community of travel enthusiasts who support and encourage each other to visit better, cheaper, and longer. Whether it’s a brief jaunt to some nearby city or perhaps an indefinite round-the-world trip, the city is going to be exist for anybody who would like to (and likes to) travel.

Years back, we did an effort run of those occasions. I met a lot of awesome travelers at these meetups, and also the one factor I stored hearing was the way you wanted these types of occasions happened more frequently.

Well, now we’re getting it well!

Erica, whom you may have referred to as my right-hands lady during the last six years, will helm this latest initiative. She’ll work onto it full-time!

How can The Nomadic Network work?

We’re building in-person chapters all across the globe. Local chapters will come across consistently to talk about tales, trade advice, do activities together, and host occasions. We’re developing a space that people meet travelers within their city (even when they or else you are simply passing through) and form friendships and bonds. Mixers, picnics, brunches, presentations, expert panels — something that will get you motivated to travel more!

The very first group of occasions is going to be community mixers where we’ll meet and become familiar with one another. If you are located in these metropolitan areas or is going to be there whenever we launch, come along:

  • Philly &#8211 Wednesday, November 6
  • Electricity &#8211 Thursday, November 7
  • London &#8211 Thursday, November 7
  • Boston &#8211 Tuesday, November 12
  • Austin &#8211 Wednesday, November 13
  • New york city &#8211 Thursday, November 14
  • Toronto, Canada &#8211 Thursday, November 28
  • Detroit &#8211 Monday, December 2
  • Indiana &#8211 Tuesday, December 3
  • Chicago &#8211 Wednesday, December 4
  • Madison &#8211 Thursday, December 5

(NOTE: These are merely the very first occasions! We’re likely to be doing more occasions within the coming several weeks. We’ll perform free airline Coast, within the Midwest, other areas of Canada, the planet, etc. Case the very first batch! Should you don&#8217t see destination, don&#8217t worry! Our goal will be everywhere! )

Occasions are $10 (to assist cover costs) and have a free drink! Plus, you are able to bring a buddy free of charge (if you split the expense it&#8217s $5 per person!)

How Will You take part in TNN?

There’s a couple of simple ways!

1. Attend our first occasions!

If you’re able to arrived at our first occasions, please. You’ll find the entire list here.

2. Affect lead the local chapter

We want help leading these TNN chapters. Erica (our Occasions Director) and i’ll assist with the booking of venues, contacting guest loudspeakers, renting microphones and equipment, managing attendee registration, and helping with and having to pay for anything we are able to.

But we want eyes, ears, and leaders on the floor. If you wish to find out more about becoming our chapter leaders (including within the metropolitan areas we’re launching within the list above), follow this link and submit the application. We’ll maintain touch!

3. Volunteer in an event

If as being a leader isn&#8217t your factor however, you&#8217d prefer to volunteer your time and effort throughout the occasions, awesome! We&#8217ll need lots of support to obtain these chapters ready to go. Just fill this out and we&#8217ll respond.

4. Help beta test our new community website

If you wish to help produce a user-friend website with this new community, all that you should do is go to the Nomadic Network’s website and make up a quick traveler profile. It takes only two minutes to produce your login and profile. Then you are able to enroll in a chapter, find occasions in your area, poke round the existing content, and join in-person meetups. Then send us all your feedback therefore we could possibly get it working super easily.

(This is simply the first draft from the website so there are numerous kinks to deal with before we fully launch it making it the middle of The Nomadic Network world.)


Developing a chapter-based organization is a big undertaking, but we’re very excited to obtain began. It&#8217s been in our listing of items to create for any lengthy time now so we&#8217re finally doing the work! This normally takes our community one stage further! It will require serious amounts of get all of the occasions ready to go however i think we&#8217re off and away to a powerful start.

Consider getting prepared to meet everybody IRL! 🙂

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