Mountains of Tajikistan

Published: 02/10/20 Feb tenth, 2020

This season, I&#8217m going to try and visit Central Asia within the fall. I&#8217ve never visited the location also it&#8217s lengthy one which&#8217s held great attract me. It appears raw, beautiful, and unspoiled. So, if somebody arrived at to write a guest publish on the country there, I had been excited. It had been an opportunity to become familiar with a little before I (hopefully) go. Within this guest publish, traveler and author Paul McDougal breaks lower what it really&#8217s prefer to travel Tajikistan on a tight budget.

Aptly and romantically referred to as “The Roof around the globe,” Tajikistan is really a hikers’ paradise. Greater than 93% of the nation is understood to be mountainous — and most 50% of this sits in excess of 3,000 meters (9,800 ft)! It’s an uplifting country, filled with glacial peaks and mountain ponds that are perfect for multiday hikes (but equally astounding on short jaunts too).

Traveling around Tajikistan requires a feeling of adventure, because the nation can also be dotted with poor-quality roads, rudimentary facilities, along with a massive insufficient infrastructure. But, after working almost per month there, I found that it’s simple and inexpensive to obtain around these complaints having a smile along with a shrug.

Many vacationers waste your money than necessary while in Tajikistan. Most achieve this with an organized tour, and that’s why there is a prevailing — and inaccurate — concept that it’s costly to go to the nation. A ten-day organized tour booked online may cost between $1,500 to $3,500 USD, equal to a substantial $150-350 each day.

However if you simply travel individually, it is simple to navigate the united states for around $45 USD each day.

So, how can you see Tajikistan on a tight budget? Here&#8217s how:


road tripping in Tajikistan

Rather of booking an excursion with an online agent, you’ve four a lot more affordable methods for getting around to select from:

1. Look for a multiday driver when you turn up

Hostels and guesthouses can place you in connection with local motorists, that you are able to negotiate your personal rate, itinerary, and trip length. Typically, travelers spend $50-100 each day per person with this. The greater your settlement skills (and also the more persistent you’re), the higher the chance you’ll obtain a driver for nearer to $50 each day.

Motorists are available in Murghab, Khorog, Dushanbe, along with other bigger places. If you are traveling the Pamir Highway (like virtually everybody else in Tajikistan), there are also motorists in Kyrgyzstan’s second-greatest city, Osh.

2. Employ a 4WD yourself

This typically costs around $100 each day for that vehicle, therefore if you’re going with a couple of people, a great choice. It offers a superior freedom and it is great for your financial allowance!

It’s super easy to arrange this upon arrival. All hotels, hostels, and guesthouses both in Osh and Dushanbe can place you into connection with agencies that may arrange 4WD rentals. Don’t arrange this online, unless of course you would like a larger investment.

3. Trains and buses

Lengthy-distance trains and buses doesn’t really appear in Tajikistan. However, enterprising locals have filled this gap in an exceedingly affordable way. Every single day, before they travel in one town or city to a different to carry out their daily business, they always make sure that each and every place within their vehicle is filled.

To locate these travel possibilities, ask your guesthouse where “the bus station” is. They’ll lead you to some vehicle-crammed area (usually near an industry) where you will see motorists waiting to fill their cars. That way, it isn’t unusual to finish up squashed into the rear of an old vehicle with four others on the five-hour trip. These journeys typically costs only around $10. And it is a terrific way to immerse yourself in local existence.

The cost from the trip is determined by its length. Probably the most I compensated was for just about any single trip was $35 USD for any 12-hour, 600-mile voyage from Khorog to Dushanbe. Which is at a 4WD.

A fast side note: If you are traveling inside a town or city, there are lots of small minibuses (marshrutkas) which takes you against one location to another along prescribed routes for that measly cost close to $.20 USD. But along individuals routes, they’ll stop anywhere to defend myself against new passengers and fall off others. And That I mean anywhere: houses, outside markets, the center of busy roads — it’s all fair game.

4. Hitchhiking

For most my journeys in Tajikistan, I hitchhiked. Residents hitchhike in Tajikistan each day — it’s a legitimate, recognized approach to transport because its not all includes a vehicle and, as pointed out above, public transit is scarce.

Whenever you hitchhike in Tajikistan, don’t stand out your thumb. Keep the extended-out hands parallel down and wave up and lower. Based on where you’re hitchhiking, you’ll most likely need to wait some time — on some barren stretches of road, you may wait half an hour to determine one vehicle. But, in the event that vehicle comes with an empty place, it’ll stop and get you without fail. (You may have to pay for just a little money.)

I experienced only positivity and heat carrying this out. Everyone was pleased to take me and got me into a variety of Tajik food, drinks, and music. It isn’t unusual for individuals who collect you to provide snacks, buy a meal, or get you for their home. I usually offered money to acquire these treats, however it never was recognized.


road tripping in Tajikistan

1. Guesthouses

In almost any community, you will see houses using the word “guesthouse” written in it. Walk inside one and strike an offer. It’s the simplest and many affordable accommodation, a great way to save cash and also have a better experience. You will be given great food and a much greater welcome.

Throughout Tajikistan, residents enables you to remain in their house for approximately $10-15 an evening. This often covers breakfast and dinner too. You are able to negotiate lunch for a bit more if you want — or eat elsewhere. Most guesthouses offer very similar welcome and very similar food, therefore it doesn’t really matter that you simply choose.

Frequently, if you are inside a vehicle with Tajiks (whether through hitchhiking or any other means), they’ll get you a guesthouse they are fully aware of. And it’ll usually be a high quality one so don&#8217t be too concerned about scams.

And even though you can’t locate an official guesthouse, you’ll look for a friendly local who’ll allow you to remain at their house for any small cost.

2. Hotels and hostels

These may be equally budget-friendly when you purchase the best places. Some hotels are extremely costly, but spots for example Pamir Hotel in Murghab offer affordable stays beginning around $15 USD an evening. Some smaller sized towns for example Jelondy, a well known hot spring place for locals, offer hotel stays for approximately $10 USD. (In most cases, if your town is a well-liked vacation place for Tajiks, you will see an inexpensive hotel.)

Hostels make the perfect cheap option in bigger towns and metropolitan areas, and particularly in Dushanbe. Eco-friendly House Hostel particularly is an excellent, affordable hub and it is full of travelers. It’s a great spot to get together with other people to reduce transport costs.

3. Camping

Your third choice for accommodation is camping. Somewhat, Tajikistan is extremely camper friendly. I am not sure exactly what the actual laws and regulations take presctiption wild camping, but I’d be very surprised or no exist. Although I did not achieve this myself, I met lots of people who camped within the wild, and not one of them experienced any problem. You need to, obviously, stick to the normal rules of untamed camping: don’t camp in the same location in excess of one evening, don’t camp on private land without permission, out on another camp in metropolitan areas. It’s also wise to research whether you will find any dangers within the particular area you’re keen to camp. But otherwise, you won’t draw manual intervention, since camping is extremely well tolerated here.

Furthermore, guesthouses and hotels will frequently allow you to pitch your tent on their own land for just $2 or $3 USD.

Note: the tough climate conditions can frequently make camping an uncomfortable experience. Because a lot of Tajikistan lies at this type of high elevation, temperatures could be uncomfortable as well as harmful — and also the ground in certain conditions could be too difficult to push tent pegs into. So you ought to be careful when planning where you need to camp.


As I’ve pointed out, you’ll likely eat much of your meals in guesthouses. These can frequently contain flat bread, salad, soup, and endlessly flowing glasses of tea. Other popular edible choices include plov (a pilaf-style grain dish with meat and vegetables) and manti (steamed lamb dumplings).

Outdoors of guesthouses, you’ll look for a more varied and versatile choice of food, for example kebabs and fried noodles.

You will get the mouth area around many of these morsels for affordable prices in local cafeterias. Your meals are tasty and filling, and it’s available in big portions for under $2 USD. By eating in a more up-market restaurant, you will be having to pay nearer to $5 USD.

Takeaway stands in bigger towns and metropolitan areas sell kebabs and samsas (which act like Indian samosas) frequently for approximately $1 USD, while outside financial markets are a great spot to buy fresh fruit and veggies — together with special pickles, candies, and much more — for inexpensive prices.

A fast tip on food: bring hands sanitizer and toilet tissue! Everybody will get sick in Tajikistan. I’ve the world’s most powerful stomach, as well as I acquired sick on three separate occasions. It’s also wise to wash both hands whenever possible and steer clear of putting them on to your teeth after handling money. Out on another drink the faucet water!


Should you employ a private guide from your agency, it may be costly. Many people repay to $100 USD each day for any hiking guide. But there’s you don’t need to do that.

Rather, simply ask at the guesthouse for any local hiking guide. Those who reside in these villages and towns be aware of areas very well. They understand all the pathways and passes and landscapes.

As well as for merely a couple of dollars, these unofficial guides will give you to and thru the mountain tops as lengthy as you desire. Whether you’ll need a day hike or perhaps a multiday expedition, there’ll be somebody within the village who are able to get you there. I hiked for a whole day in Bulunkul for under $10 USD and continued a 2-day hike in Darshai for under $25 USD each day.

You will find very couple of marked routes in Tajikistan. Many are marked on, but there’s hardly any from the infrastructure that you will find far away. So when you can hike individually, it’s essential you are taking a great map, a great compass, and good equipment — and you understand what you’re doing! Make certain you have a refillable water bottle together with water purification tables — this could save you money too.

Are there more items to see in Tajikistan?

Virtually everybody who travels to Tajikistan achieves this for that hiking and mountain scenery, and so i wouldn’t recommend going completely there in case your interest isn’t piqued by peaks. That stated, you will find a small amount of other things you can do:

  • Museums: Dushanbe includes a couple of small museums. The 3 noticably would be the National Museum, the Museum of Antiquities, and also the Museum of Instruments. These cost between $1 and $5 USD, so they’re advisable if you are searching for something to pass through time inexpensively. Other small towns and metropolitan areas have small local-interest museums.
  • Rudaki Park: Central Asian metropolitan areas are full of beautiful parks. And Rudaki Park is among the best. It’s a terrific way to people-watch, and it is superbly lit after sunset. But on top of that, it’s free!
  • Outside Markets: You will find grocery stores everywhere, which will make for an additional great free activity.
  • Walking tours: Some hostels offer walking tours, which may be a pleasant method to begin to see the city. These are typically pay-what-you-like, so it’s not necessary to invest much cash.

Faq’s about Tajikistan

Where must i get my currency?

ATMs are notoriously hard to rely on in Tajikistan, so make certain you bring enough $ $ $ $ to pay for all of your trip. Yes, some ATMs works, but finding them could be a chore, and getting cash provides you with more reassurance.

Outside markets/bazaars provide the best forex rates, much better than banks. Search for small shacks with rates written on the sign. Most tourist establishments (for example hotels and guesthouses) may also exchange money, so it’s usually simple to get hold of Tajik somoni — but visit the small market shacks to obtain more money for the money.

Must I barter in Tajikistan?

Tajikistan is really a barterers’ economy. You are able to negotiate and barter over prices for an entire selection of things:

  • Food inside a market
  • Accommodations
  • Campground charges
  • 4WD rentals
  • Lengthy-distance rides
  • Hitchhiking
  • Hiking guides
  • Forex rates

But you will find stuff you can’t barter over:

  • Sims
  • Restaurant prices
  • Short-distance trains and buses rides
  • Your visa and flights (best of luck trying)

What’s a general daily budget in Tajikistan?

Should you&#8217re a financial budget traveler, you will get by on typically $45 USD (or fewer) each day, based on where you stand, how you’re traveling, and just what you love to do. Here are a few figures for how much to pay for (typically) for things (in USD):

  • Dorm bed inside a hostel: $5-15
  • Guesthouse with two meals along with a bed: $10-15
  • Double room inside a cheap hotel: $15-20
  • Trains and busesOrhitchhiking each day: $10-15
  • Restaurant meal: $5
  • Snacks and fruit: $3
  • Each day of hiking: $10
  • Sim: $5


Tajikistan provides you with 100 good reasons to fall madly in love. Whether it’s a complete bag inside a stranger’s home, a steaming bowl of plov, or perhaps a gold-toothed smile, every single day is filled with beautiful encounters.

Many people come for hiking among the peaks and mountain ponds. And appropriately so. But upon departing, what they’ll remember most may be the warmth, the hospitality, and also the unending kindness. It’s frequently correct that poorer countries provide the wealthiest welcomes. And that’s precisely the situation here.

You’ll leave Tajikistan feeling much better than whenever you showed up. So don’t allow the inaccurate rumors of pricey travel deter you. Not just is Tajikistan possible on a tight budget, it’s better this way.

Paul McDougal is really a professional author in the U . s . Kigdom. He loves hiking, laughing, and becoming themself into strange situations. He presently resides in Vietnam. You’ll find his website and much more of his tales here and follow his Instagram for photography and scenes in the road.

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