Since 2004, any delay within the flight or related problems just like a cancelled flight on European airliners can lead to average compensation for that passengers from €450 to €600. Those who have been flying during the last six years are qualified for compensation if they weren’t permitted to fly or their flight have been delayed.

Fozup towards the Save

Fozup is definitely an agent who’ll act upon your account and obtain the compensation due in the airliner. As reported by the regulation EC 261/2004, air passengers are qualified for financial compensation. We act upon your account to obtain the money because of you based on the law. It’s arranged by means of Smart Contract while using Blockchain network. Everything is automated and you simply need to enter your company name and flight number. You need to do these 48 hrs prior to the flight. Or no problem occurs and also you miss the flight or there’s any delay, your compensation will achieve you within hrs without you getting to complete anything. You are able to fine more information at 

Difficulties for making the Claim

Air passengers will find it hard to approach the air travel company and demand the cash because of them. They’re not going to have time or is going to be too busy to get this done. That’s the reason Fozup is functioning on your account to make certain your hard earned money reaches you. All of this happens with the Blockchain therefore the records are preserved and therefore are readily available. The Smart Contract ensures the cash reaches the qualified person in the due time. The complicated process is simplified and also the discomfort is taken away from this. There’s free to make the claim but Fozup will get its fee to get the compensation when the compensation reaches you.

Making Past Claims

If you’ve been flying within the last 5 years there was a clear case of the inability to result in the flight or there is a delay, you should check it online and we’ll claim compensation in the airlines in your account. There’s €8 billion to become claimed! We’re now claiming compensation for the clients from over 100 companies in over 40 companies. Only if the compensation reaches the environment passenger, Fozup will require its fee. You just sign up using the flight details along with a short description. We’ll transfer the cash for you after taking our fee. It is simply by that.

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