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Published: 7/1/2019 This summer first, 2019

For eleven years, I vowed not to put an advertisement up on this web site. None. Zero. Zilch.

I personally don’t like ads. They’re ugly. They’re intrusive, sometimes appearing as soon as you load a webpage. (Out on another get me began on pre-roll videos!)

Therefore it might appear odd that today, after eleven years being ad-free, I&#8217m announcing we’ve put ads up on this web site.

Since I’ve been so vocal about how exactly much I dislike ads, I wish to show the city why we’re carrying this out:

The planet changes. People change. People’s buying habits change.

And, to become a effective business, you have to change too.

Through the years, we put many of our eggs in to the ebook/digital guide basket.

That labored for any lengthy time.

However the cold hard truth people don’t really buy e-books nowadays. They need Kindle books or physical guidebooks.

That’s exactly what the world wants.

Plus, with the much free information online, many people just don’t want to purchase e-books any longer. They are able to frequently google what they desire. If it is not inside a Kindle or paper form, it isn’t a “real” guidebook. (We’ve investigated making paper guides but, frankly, paper when needed paper quality isn’t there. It’s simply not in the quality that people can are proud of. And, to print colored, the expense are simply excessive at this time.)

So our ebook sales have flatlined. They’re no more an electric train engine of growth that may fuel new projects.

And there exists a great project within the works that requires fuel.

Recall The Nomadic Network? The worldwide meet-up factor we tested out a couple of in the past. We would build local chapters, host educational and social mixers, and obtain people looking forward to travel.

Well, this fall, we’re getting it to existence.

But we want money to reach that goal.

One factor we learned before we trialed it was that people require a dedicated person whose job is simply to operate the occasions and coordinate with all of our local chapters.

The revenue from your book sales isn’t likely to cover that.

They and that i looked everywhere to have an alternative — however that ads would be the only factor that may provide us with the substantial and sustained revenue we have to relaunch the Nomadic Network in addition to maintain and also be this site. (We wish to pay more guest authors and hire another research assistant.)

So that is why we’ve ads.

It isn’t simply therefore we might have more income (or Chris can finally upgrade from over sleeping dorms).

It’s therefore we can relaunch this community initiative (one we’re really, really looking forward to but have reserve for far too lengthy) and purchase the web site.

I understand it’s an alteration so we attempted to help make the ads as non-intrusive as you possibly can.

But realize that this decision didn’t come easy. I have mix feelings about this however the world changes and often you just need to change by using it.

You can leave comments below (but know we’re not likely to reverse this decision).


Nomadic Matt and team

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