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Published: 12/16/19 December 16th, 2019

Irrrve never reached Armenia after i is at the Caucasus. I had been bummed since there a lot history there. Next trip, right? Well, Carine and Doug love Armenia a lot, they&#8217ve visited four occasions in the last couple of years. So, within this guest publish, they will provide us with their finest strategies for saving cash whenever you visit Armenia!

Armenia is among the earliest nations on the planet. Its roots go as far back to 860 BCE, and it is capital, Yerevan, just celebrated its 2,800th anniversary, which makes it among the earliest continuously lived on metropolitan areas on the planet. The country includes a very wealthy culture, a lot of beautiful places to understand more about, amazing food, and probably the most hospitable people you’ve ever met. Getting visited Armenia four occasions, we’ve found it our favorite places on the planet.

The crowds haven’t managed to get yet for this beautiful place in the world, and that’s why we frequently hesitate to talk about our passion for Armenia with other people (you want to ensure that it stays our little secret like a budget-friendly destination).

But Matt convinced us otherwise, so here i am, discussing our 19 best strategies for saving cash in the united states:

1. Travelling the metropolitan areas

The metropolitan areas in Armenia are extremely walkable. They’re simple to navigate and well marked. You may also receive from one finish from the capital Yerevan to another in 30-40 minutes. Walking can also be the least expensive and healthiest method of getting around. So bring comfy footwear — they will be handy!

And when you get lost, just ask the locals. They’re so useful and love showing their city off. Never be surprised when they finish up walking along with you for your destination and welcoming you over for coffee and cake too!

2. Have a free walking tour in Yerevan.

people walking down a crowded street in Armenia

There’s a lot to do and see in Yerevan. The easiest method to obtain a taste from it would be to enroll in a walking tour with Yerevan Free Walking Tours. The tour lasts around three hrs, covering almost 2.5 miles (4 kilometers) contributing to 25 sights. To participate, just meet at 5 pm (17:00) through the entrance towards the History Museum on Republic Square.

3. Make use of the GG or Yandex apps rather of taxis.

However, there are taxis, the quickest method of getting around is by using the GG or Yandex apps. Like Uber, they ask motorists in your town to collect you. GG only works in bigger metropolitan areas right now.

Rides within Yerevan can cost you about $3-4 USD, for the way far you’re going. Rides towards the airport terminal costs about $6.

If you wish to ask a normal taxi, make certain you agree with the cost prior to getting in, especially in the airport terminal. This is when regular taxis will most frequently attempt to ask you for double what you’ll pay on GG or Yandex. Sure, it’s convenient not getting to hold back for the ride to obtain there, but could it be well worth the additional money? Most likely not. Offer to pay for them exactly the same factor GG would charge, along with an extra 100 AMD (or dram) ($.21 USD) to prevent waiting for.

Just a little note about cars in Armenia: Even though they surely had safety belts at one time, they aren’t commonly used. Never be surprised if there’s no buckle or seatbelt whatsoever. Especially, never be surprised when the driver just shrugs off your comment about this!

4. Visit a marshrutka to obtain around Yerevan.

Among the least expensive methods for getting round the bigger metropolitan areas is as simple as taking marshrutkas (minibuses). Metropolitan areas will work on assembling a roadmap of the several routes, until then, you should use the A2B Transport application on Android, or you know Armenian, take a look at (although your browser offer to translate the page into British, too).

Riding a marshrutka costs 100 AMD ($.21 USD), that you simply pay prior to getting off, or once the driver asks you. To obtain off at the stop, just say kangnek (kang-nek), meaning ‘Stop here’. Public transit will pull at the following stop to help you to off.

Also, listed here are a couple of guidelines to help you benefit from the ride: Sit right in front when you are able you will be much more comfortable. For among the minivan marshrutkas, you open and shut you. Just make certain you do not slam the doorway way too hard, or you’ll listen to it in the driver. Sometimes seating can get tight, so you may want to stand. Also, never be surprised if women request you to keep their purses, groceries, or babies if you have a seat — even though the nice factor to complete would be to offer them yours!

5. Have a bus between metropolitan areas.

a church with a mountain backdrop in Armenia

Although tourism infrastructure is gradually being built, it’s still really simple to obtain round the country, even when many people don’t speak British.

You will find bigger buses which go from town to town, though the majority are back and forth from Yerevan. Forms of known as marshrutkas. Price varies between $.50 to $5.00 USD based on where you’re going. Your hard earned money is going to be collected prior to the marshrutka leaves.

Just realize that there isn’t any actual bus schedule: they often mind to bigger metropolitan areas (Gyumri, Vanadzor, Dilijan) when they’re full. Otherwise, they leave around the hour — just don’t expect them to be really timely! You are able to grab one at the three bus stations in Yerevan.

In your ride, it might happen that they’re going to have to refill the marshrutka with gas. Many vehicles in Armenia operate on compressed gas and lp, so throughout the fill-up, you’ll be requested to get away from the automobile like a safety precaution.

6. If you are inside a hurry to get at a brand new city, have a shared taxi.

You may also have a shared taxi, which often leaves from Yerevan’s primary bus station. You’ll split the fare between 3-4 people. There’s no agenda for departures. Again, they hold back until the taxi is full before they mind out.

Price varies between $5 and $10 USD per person, based on where you’re going. You are able to negotiate using the driver, though. If each individual pays a bit more for his or her fare, they won’t wait to fill to visit.

Our tip here is always to find buddies at the hostel that are looking to visit that very same city. They’ll assist you to fill that taxi up faster.

7. Just hitchhike to obtain around (making buddies).

a road leading to snow-capped mountains in Armenia

This really is certainly the least expensive and many fun approach to take! Even locals recommend it to obtain around. They refer to it as avtostop, which will come in the Russian word for hitchhiking. When you are traveling outdoors of Yerevan, it may frequently be simpler to hitchhike between villages rather than wait for marshrutka. However, it isn’t probably the most time-conscious method of doing it.

You’ll observe that Armenians are extremely friendly, generous, and hospitable, so they’re very willing to get other people searching for any ride along the side of the street. However, should you finish up making buddies using the driver, they’ll insist you stop by for food and drinks before they drop you off at the preferred destination. If you would like, you can test and tip the motive force, but odds are, they’ll kindly refuse.

A couple of tips here to make sure safe and simple travel: We advise you appear clean, travel in categories of 2 or 3 people, and to possess a mixed-sex group. Also, women should not be offended when the driver (likely men) only talks to the boys from the group! Armenia continues to be a really traditional country.

8. In Yerevan, go ahead and take metro.

Yerevan’s metro product is little-known to visitors, but it’s shown on Google Maps and is among the how to circumvent the town. It is also one thing residents of Yerevan are extremely happy with. The Karen Demirchyan Yerevan Metro covers 2 miles (13 kilometers) and it has about 10 stops. Tickets cost 100 AMD (or $.21 USD), so it’s really cheap to obtain in one finish from the city to another. Within the summer time several weeks, it is also the best mode of transportation.

There’s no metro card to talk of. Go to the counter and exchange your hard earned money for any token to help you get with the gate. Also observe that for many odd reason, you aren’t permitted to consider pictures within the metro, despite the fact that most stations are superbly built.

9. Hostels and homestays are the best choice for affordable short-term stays.

houses in a city in Armenia

If you are with limited funds out on another mind over sleeping large, 20+-bed dorms, you will find spots obtainable in Yerevan for less than $3 USD, slightly from the center of Yerevan. If you prefer a smaller sized dorm, around 4 to 6 people, count on paying about $15 USD per bed. These kinds of dorms are nearer to the town center. At this cost, certain hostels have private rooms available.

Armenia is another good way to perform a homestay. If you wish to interact with residents on the different level, we recommend carrying this out. It’s our favorite methods for getting to understand the culture and also to experience how locals live. The household you select will treat you want one that belongs to them, hence feeding you want crazy. We’d especially recommend this in smaller sized towns, where one can really become familiar with a lot about existence outdoors of Yerevan.

10. Airbnb is a superb choice for longer stays.

Airbnb is rapidly growing in Armenia, especially among expats who book their places throughout the several weeks they’re not around. You’ll find great options in the heart of Yerevan for $40 USD or fewer. This gives you use of a whole apartment having a kitchen, that is a terrific way to cut costs too. You may also have the ability to negotiate the cost if you are remaining for extended amounts of time.

11. Couchsurfing is ideal for if you are on the super tight budget.

With your hospitable people, it isn’t surprising to determine a lot of great choices for Couchsurfing, mainly in Yerevan. If you want remaining having a local, this is among the best options. Just never be surprised in case your host winds up adopting you in the finish of the visit!

12. Visit Armenia within the shoulder seasons to find the best prices.

The busiest time for you to visit Armenia is throughout the summer time. June to September are when you will probably see crowds and prices. However, if you want to Armenia in April or May or even the finish of September through mid-November, the crowds may have subsided, and costs will drop. This is where you’ll find cheaper accommodations, as well as negotiate prices for extended stays.

13. For affordable eats, search for typical Armenian meals.

aerial view of a church in the mountains in Armenia

You’ll find lots of cheap and scrumptious options usual for Middle Eastern cuisine and affected by the Caucasus region. To nibble on local treats like lahmajoun (Armenian pizza) for less than $2 USD per plate. An execllent cheap choice is getting shish taouk or wraps from hole-in-the-wall restaurants. These bad boys may also only cost you $3-4, based on what you devote them. Another scrumptious and economical choice is khatchapuri (cheese-filled bread), an average Georgian meal that’s offered throughout Armenia.

The best homemade your meals are offered along the side of the street. You will see lots of people selling their fresh produce, homemade wine, vodka, sweets, along with other treats from coast to coast, mainly on large “highways.” You’ll also find these stalls setup near a few of the popular holiday destinations, like Garni, Geghart, and Noravank. These are only a small fraction of the price of what’s offered in supermarkets, and they’ll be more scrumptious, that people promise! If you purchase a couple of things in the same stall, you are able to negotiate the cost. Also, never be shy to inquire about an example!

14. For those who have a kitchen area, cooking was always the least expensive option.

If you are considering cooking in, be prepared to spend $20-30 USD for weekly groceries, split between a couple. You may either get the goods at supermarkets like Sas, Vas, or Parma, or mind to some sell to have them right out the source. In Yerevan, the Gum Market (pronounced “Goom”), or Gumi Shuka, is a superb spot to shop and observe residents within their daily schedule.

15. Steer clear of the produce in the supermarkets.

A good option to obtain fresh produce isn’t in supermarkets. It’s frequently imported from far-off countries and packaged in many plastic. To find the best produce, make sure to look into the fruit stalls which are on every street corner or behind several large structures. They’ve local products which have been in season, and frequently you are able to negotiate a great cost, particularly if you’re purchasing a bigger volume.

16. Drink the faucet water.

water flowing over a beautiful waterfall in Armenia

Water in Armenia is perfectly safe to consume right out the tap. Whilst you’re out exploring, you’ll find public water features, known as pulpulaks, everywhere, from public parks to street corners, throughout Yerevan as well as in bigger metropolitan areas. These fountains are nearly always running, supplying fresh consuming water to individuals in need of assistance.

You can aquire a sip water directly from a pulpulak or fill your personal water bottle. To redirect the flow water in an position for that bottle, simply put your finger around the spout, and voilà! (Being an eco-friendly tip that helps save money and also the atmosphere, make certain you’ve got a multiple-use water bottle.)

17. Obtain the best souvenirs at Vernissage in Yerevan.

You will observe a lot of handicrafts along with other goods being offered from coast to coast. If you discover something within the villages you visit, have it there. But when you’re searching to obtain souvenirs for buddies and family home, make sure to look into the Vernissage in Yerevan. Although Sunday may be the special day when all of the retailers can be found, you may still score great finds any day.

The best choice would be to walk around once to determine what’s available and make a price comparison. Then return to the stalls using the best money saving deals and then try to negotiate a bit more. Try to hang about until the finish during the day for the greatest prices, since many retailers may wish to go back home.

18. Never be afraid to bargain on prices.

We pointed out it before, and we’ll express it again: never be afraid to bargain on goods. Although tourist prices aren’t as exaggerated as with other japan, you may still knock-off a great percentage by negotiating using the seller. You need to be fair together with your final cost. It might appear just like a couple of dollars for you personally, however it may mean the main difference between getting meals that night or otherwise for that seller.

19. Visit Armenia’s top sites free of charge.

ancient ruins in Armenia

Among the best reasons for Armenia — as though we haven’t listed off an adequate amount of them — is the fact that the majority of the popular sites of great interest have the freedom. Noravank, Geghart, Khor Virap, the Areni winery (together with a wine tasting) — each one of these amazing sites can enter and visit.


We loved our amount of time in Armenia and would recommend it to anybody searching to escape the crowds and travel on a tight budget. Your hard earned money go a lot further here compared to other countries. Yet you’ll not be missing in scrumptious food or comfortable amenities. And too increase all this, you’ll have a lot of beautiful sights to go to and sort individuals to share your trip with!

Carine and Derek spend half the entire year traveling the planet and yet another half exploring their house province of Quebec. Clients meet to inspire everybody to chase their wildest dreams and also to leave an optimistic effect on Earth. Their blog, We Made it happen Our Way, concentrates on eco-friendly travel guides to both popular destinations, in addition to off-the-beaten-path locations, regarding how to live and travel sustainably, as well as on strategies for article marketing. Carine and Derek will also be on Instagram (@wediditourway) where they share their pictures and eco-tips.

Book Your Vacation to Armenia: Logistical Tips and Methods

Book Your Flight

Look for a cheap flight by utilizing Skyscanner or Momondo. They’re my two favorite search engines like google simply because they search websites and airlines around the world which means you always know nothing remains unturned.

Book The Resort

To get the best budget accommodation, use because they consistently return the least expensive rates for guesthouses and economical hotels. You are able to book your hostel with Hostelworld because they possess the very indepth inventory. A number of my suggested accommodations in Armenia:

  • Envoy Hostel Yerevan – This can be a cozy little hostel in which the staff goes far above that will help you take full advantage of your time and effort within the city.
  • Kantar – Kantar is amazingly clean with a lot of common area space, and among the best breakfasts in Yerevan!
  • Hostel Tsaghkadzor – There aren’t any frills for this devote Tsaghkadzor, however it&#8217s comfortable and shut to any or all the city&#8217s primary attractions.

Don&#8217t Forget Travel Cover

Travel cover will safeguard you from illness, injuries, thievery, and cancellations. It&#8217s comprehensive protection in situation anything goes completely wrong. Irrrve never use a trip without them when i&#8217ve had for doing things many occasions previously. I&#8217ve used World Nomads for 10 years. My personal favorite firms that provide the best service and cost are:

  • World Nomads (for everybody below 70)
  • Insure My Trip (for individuals over 70)

Searching to find the best companies to save cash with?

Take a look at my resource page to find the best companies to make use of whenever you travel! I list all of the ones I personally use to save cash after i travel &#8211 and i believe can help you too!

Want A lot of Armenia?

Make sure to visit our robust destination guide on Armenia for more planning tips!

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